Opposing LTTE is not about being Anti-Tamil

Often I have such a terrible feeling that if you say that you do not approve methods employed by LTTE towards achieving its goal of separate country, you can be sure that almost instantly you will labeled as ‘Anti-Tamil’. Oh! Come on. LTTE is a dreaded terrorist organization which was formed by a Marxist crook called V.Prabhakaran few decades ago. Long before the formation of LTTE there were genuine democratic voices which were representing SriLankan Tamils. Yes, there was no complete success but through reasonable means we were taking each step cautiously while simultaneously enduring the Sinhalese onslaught on Tamil brethren, many atrocities were committed, I think one would be worth mentioning. If a Tamil has to pass a university/school exams he has to score more than his Sinhalese counterpart, ie., if a Sinhalese scores 30/100 he is considered ‘Pass’ but if it is a Tamil student he/she must score 50. This is undoubtedly a systematic discrimination.

Carving out a separate country in SriLanka’s North East was Prabhakaran’s pet peeve. And without doubt it was his personal project where he dreamed of ruling that territory for decades to come and pass it over to his next generation ie., just like a dynasty nasty rule of communist type kleptocracy. Is this the expectation a normal Tamil citizen living in north east? As the time progressed the killing skills of LTTE progressed so well that it was technically called a successful killing machine. Shouldn’t we think as to why he was never interested in elections? He knows it very well that once he participates in election process he will be thrown out in to the Indian Ocean. Also Marxist crooks never believed in elections and/or democracy. How can a mass murderer think of ruling hapless Tamils? Recent revelations of Daya teacher who worked with LTTE as Public Relations officer whose job was to mainly translating statements (transcripts) from English to Tamil and vice versa is telling. He admitted that nobody could dare to speak against the will of VP. With that being the case what he would know about the consensus building, through which he could have secured much descent bargain for Tamils.

Take the case of LTTE massacre of TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization), it is said that he literally wiped out the whole organization by killing more than 1000 people. At the end of the day they are also Tamils, their cause was the same, not to mention the assassination of our Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Throughout the world where ever we have had “armed struggles” to fight discrimination, which are still ongoing  in a full scale confrontation with an elected government those movements failed miserably just like how LTTE failed, not only that, they cause severe damage and impose pain and hardship on their followers as it is happening with Tamils in Sri Lanka right now. If LTTE has really thought that it has the people support it should have formed a political party and won all seats send representatives to parliament and then could have demanded the world or international community that Tamils discrimination must be end, that would have been the statesmanship. And people would have been naturally inclined to believe him. But what he did? Smuggled weapons, drugs and was in touch with Jihadis and other Islamic militant outfits to sustain his killing machinery.

Let’s talk about his leadership skills. Let’s ask a question to those die hard supporters this bloody LTTE and its arrogant leader as to what kind of examples he has set? Forget the charisma, which he used to further his authority, often the uninformed confuse ‘charisma’ as the only aspect of leadership, but it is not and it only is an insignificant component of the whole gamut. At first he said tigers should not marry because their bondage with marriage life would distort their focus which is achieving Eelam. But see what he did, once he flouted the very principles which he created then he let others to marry. How shortsighted, self-centered is his leadership is ?

It is alleged that he has been funding many parties in Tamil Nadu which have been romanticizing the ‘D’ word (Dravida). Let’s hypothetically agree that for a moment if Eelam is granted what plans he has for the new country? Its constitution, model economy and his priorities then source of livelihood for Tamils? he had nothing. The souls of numerous Tamils who were killed by LTTE & Prabhakaran will rest in peace after knowing that this mass murderer has been killed. It is alleged that more than 50 TAMIL leaders who were elected democratically were killed by LTTE, why should he kill them all? He is so feared for his life that even before drinking water he would test it by making others drink first to ensure that it is not poisoned. How can he be called a leader? He dumped the whole Norway peace process because he disliked democracy and expected the international community to offer the north east in platter to him.

There is no denying that Tamils have been suffering discrimination in Sri Lanka which was once a part of a Bharath and is currently separated from us because of arbitrary carving of boundaries done by British when they were rushing out of Indian sub continent. It has to be understood that Brits were so successful employing the concept of divide & rule that the benefits they reaped through it in North-India is enormous which they did by Hindu-Muslim divide, by picking up loop holes in Muslim psyche. And in south since the coining of Hindu-Muslim divide did not work, they picked up Aryan-Dravidian divide and pitted people of same country against each other. The whole Aryan V/S Dravidian debate is indeed farce. But the Marxists never wanted to let this theory die, because they needed a reason to further divide this great country.

To conclude, the whole debacle of 2009 conflict and the current death toll of Tamils which is over than 100,000 is primarily because of LTTE & Prabhakaran. As a citizen of India I do not approve this terrorist organization. I completely support Tamils and would intend to do something meaningful which would get equal rights for Tamils in SL, and apparently work on devolution of powers and autonomy to Northeast within the wider framework of democracy. All else in my opinion is gibberish.

Minor typos corrected on 3/5/2017

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