IPL: Big Money, Fraud & Immorality

I have always been skeptical about the whole idea of spending time in watching IPL in particular and cricket in general. This attitude has crept in to me since I have seen my favorite players like A.Jadeja and Azharuddin whose credibility came in to totters. I cannot describe how die hard a fan I was during 1996 World Cup.

But since then when I have come to know that results of any game can be pre-decided to benefit few gamblers through agents and players can be bought for money, I have decided for good to throw the idea to watch cricket for leisure and passion in to dustbin and have never gone back to that and as an exception would watch only India-Pakistan matches, let it be T-20, ODI or any other form. Because I know for sure that those India-Pakistan matches are like war in battle ground and actual wars are like cricket matches, we can quote 1947 war for an example, where Nehru unilaterally called for with drawl of Indian forces. The rest is history.

When the Idea of cricket league was coined and developed arguably in the lines of Football premier leagues of Europe by Kapil Dev, we have seen how big money sharks pounced up on by eventually dumping him and also his idea just to re-invent it in a different name as Indian Premier League. It has to be premier for many reasons starting from the magnitude of money influx in this business and continuing ED enquires on few/many owners of franchises, not to mention the remuneration paid to players.

BCCI chided cricket league coiners that the whole idea was just a business venture and there is no intention to develop cricket at that time when Kapil talked about ICL. The question to be asked to all those croaky politicians & corporate honchos, the kind of money they have earned till now through illegal means is not enough? For whom they continue to earn? What a breed of immoral bunch are they? When IPL was organized in South Africa, as a token of Corporate Social Responsibility villages were adopted. But in India they adopted the idea of not to adopt anything except money?

Though there were rumors for a long time that spot fixing is a reality in IPL every one (decision makers) chose to ignore?

The most disturbing fact how cricketing passion of a country as big as India is manipulated? And how these bunch of political and corporate criminals thrive. I refuse to accept the fact that those were arrested, around more than 10 people including 3 players of Rajasthan Royals franchise are the only those who committed crime because as they are allegedly small fish. It could be beyond underworld/terrorist connection, and political – business nexus must be unearthed.

I feel vindicated of my decision not to watch IPL in particular and other matches in general, barring India-Pakistan matches.

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