Why Muslims of India should stop behaving like a herded lot?

In the current scenario whoever is talking (Just talking not doing) about interests of Muslims will be declared instantly as a secular mascot. Once such soft words are uttered, political parties expect Muslims to vote en masse to that specific political entity. The Brits have played this type divisive politics through communal representation, ie., where Muslims will vote for Muslim candidates and Hindus will vote for Hindu candidates though this was never a demand of any major section of Hindus, this was understandably done to please Muslims and pit them against Hindus and it actually worked.

For nearly eight centuries Muslim Invaders/rulers ruled this massive continent through force, threat and coercion, not to mention the atrocities endured by Hindus. Can you imagine this happening in a Muslim majority country? I bet you cannot.

It is true that the arrogant and egomaniac Jinnah wanted a separate land to be carved out for Muslims but significant section chose to remain in India, and they must be feeling lucky for that right now. In a country where individual dignity is constitutionally guaranteed there is going to be no benefit if they fall prey to verbal niceties of so the called secular parties which treat them as votes not humans?
For once they have realized that organizations like RSS and BJP trying to represent the unheard voices of Hindus in an organized manner, the short sighted political parties mainly the likes of congress have chosen to play the role of messiah for Muslims and started demonizing Hindus as villains, so they should vote en masse to them instead of BJP.

For a very long time Muslims have behaved like a herd which was fooled by false leaders, Jinnah is a relevant example. In late 1920’s and/or early 1930 when it fought elections it lost squarely to Congress even in Muslim majority areas. Then the Immoral Jinnah sought to use name of Allah and asked all Muslims to vote his league in the name of Allah, then everyone did. This is one distinct feature of Muslims within the context of South Asia where they can be politically mobilized without much of a trouble in the name of religion.

Muslims being the next major religious group after Hindus, it is natural for the short sighted political parties to play the secular card for their own benefits. There are encouraging signs that Muslims becoming more of a heterogeneous society now, where no one can fool them in the name of god, if that becomes more apparent than it is good for country in general and Muslims in particular. It is fore most for all the Muslims to realize that their ancestors once in the past were Hindus and their Hindu ancestry is undisputed. What is in Islam that you cannot live peacefully with people of other religions? Many say it was not the original intent of Islam but it was distorted by wahabis.

And the perpetual discussion of 2002 riots has not helped to move. The zealot leftist forces India are doing their best to keep this alive and Muslims are just the victims of anxiety. For once we should realize that 2002 riots are repercussion of burning a train and the killing of around 60 people. The judgment of media trail is already out and they have convicted the state administration and Modi, how foolish it is? If Hindus were ever have to enumerate and perpetuate the genocides committed by Muslim league it would become an endless affair, let’s take the example of mother of all genocides, it would be the violence unleashed after the call of day of direct action by Jinnah in 1946 where thousands of Hindus were killed, women were raped, men forcibly converted and women forced to marry Muslim men. After such atrocities committed mainly through instigation of Muslim league in Noakhali (famously called as Noakhali Genocide), Gandhi said

“I would far rather see India’s women trained to wield arms than that they should feel helpless”

So therefore I would choose to blame the leadership of Muslim league, for Muslims they never had a moral leadership to guide them in a saner path.

One thing is very clear for all that Pakistan tried to achieve or is trying to achieve through religion, it has nothing to offer on the socio-economic platform and in terms of better standards of living for its citizens. And I can only hope Indian Muslims will cleverly identify who is corrupt and who is not when it comes to voting in the upcoming elections and punish the parties which treated them like a bunch of votes, and demand rights from the state as a citizen of India instead of doing it as a Muslim, thereby keeping their religious affiliation as their private affair and not allowing politics to mix with it.

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