Muslim Haters, Muslim’s Hate and Reality Check

The moment we highlight a reprehensible act committed by Muslims in the name of Muslim religion, you are almost in a danger of being branded as communal especially in a country like India where secularism is abused day in and day out. It is important to put things in perspective, firstly people don’t hate or have a reason to hate Muslims as human beings but people hate their (Muslim’s) hate towards others i.e., non-Muslims. Does anyone question the Muslim leaders that why where ever they are in majority secularism does not survive? Let it be in the pockets of Ramanathapuram in TamilNadu, Mallapuram in Kerala or for that matter Kashmir Valley, we all know what happened to Kashmir Pandits.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan the leader of Aligarh movement considered that Muslims are stuck with their medieval psyche and he wanted them to embrace English education and western science thinking that they would be appealed by reason. That is a wishful thinking. But Muslims as a peculiar (Yogi Sri. Aurobindo called Muslims as people belonging to peculiar culture) social group was/is under the grip of Mullahs. It is an established fact that to prove your Muslim orthodoxy you need to say some unacceptable things about non-Muslims. See what Ahmed Khan had to say:

“There is a serious defect in Indian Muslims, sometimes that mistaken sense of goodness, they consider fanaticism as something good and whoever displays great fanaticism in religion and looks down upon followers of other religions and decries their arts and sciences is considered as a praise worthy person, and one who is firm and orthodoxy in following his religion (ie., Islam) . But thinking in this way is a great mistake. In fact, such an attitude has ruined the Mussalmans”

Though he highlights this as a serious defect of Indian Muslims, this actually applies to all Muslims globally.

Read this Report on “ Sharia Law for Non-Muslims” from centre for the study of Political Islam as a starter, to understand how Islam treats Human beings who are non-Muslims. And non-Muslims have their damn right to hate their “Hate”.

Islamic world view propagates the dichotomy of believers and non-believers and splits the world in to two, Daru-l-Harb and Daru-l-Islam. Former is where Muslims live in majority and later where they live in numerical minority. One of the important tenets (there are actually six tenets) of Islam is active propagation, a true Muslim must constantly strive to convert the Kafir population through any means available at his disposable. That is why this Love Jihad? Islam’s Missionary zealotry and denouncing anything other than what they feel correct or anything other than what is told in their little book as shirk (Practicing of Idolatry) is undoubtedly undemocratic and a great impediment to foster god’s given free will. Though the other important Missionary religion – Christianity is different when it comes to spreading Christianity because they absolve the local culture and say it’s the practice of Christianity and dump the local culture and traditions. That is how the whole of Europe’s culture was destroyed. In India Missionaries performing poojas and Abishekams to Jesus idols is an example, just like it is done at Hindu temples to fool the gullible tribal population and masses. This is a stark difference from the methods it has applied in medieval ages to spread Christianity and maintain its hold on society through church and it is a great innovation they have come to embrace. But Muslims stuck to their original method of violence for propagation, i.e., the option before a non-believer is “You either convert or die” . It is important to note that it is next to impossible to follow this method in countries where rule of law prevails, but happens in lawless lands where Murderous groups like ISIS and Alqueda would impose the puritanical form of Islam. The nature of their gory acts to achieve their ends is so despicable that, to write about it is a shame to my fingers.

Few Muslims to save their faces from the awkwardness which Islam as a religion propagates would say that they care only about Koran and that they don’t believe in Sira and/or Hadith or Sharia for that matter, they call them as commentaries written by men. Well I would say they are incorrect based on the standards set by their own religion. When few Muslims did not like to remain in Islam because of its reprehensible nature in certain aspects such as treatment of women and legitimacy of slavery to quote few, people chose to leave it but then you are condemned to death if you part with this religion, hence the numerical strength of Muslims in the world, and the other reason is that contraception is not allowed. The formation of some splinter groups like Sufi Islam and sect of Ahemadi shias all because of violent dogmas.

What I don’t understand is that if we were to believe that there is only a minority of muslim population resorts to violence to impose their religion on Kafirs (Non-believers) then why the sane majority does not condemn the violence committed by the minority? After all riots happen in India in Mumbai’s Azad Maidan when there is some issue in Burma. Muslims enjoy the pleasures and high standard of living in liberal democracies and still complain? Why? In a country like India they barter their votes en bloc with the shortsighted political parties to get undue benefits in the name of protection of minority rights. At least they are asked to do so by the Mullahs.

For Islam Indian Sub-Continent is an unfinished business, hence this Ghazwa-E-Hind Because creation of Pakistan was only a partial success and that too some part of it was reversed by breaking it in to two i.e., carving Bangladesh out of it. The genocide committed on Non-Muslims in Pakistan has been so enormous that their strength has come down to less than 1% of population from 18% at the time of creation of Pakistan, this fact alone establishes that Muslim’s claim of adherence to peace is a farce?

The conspicuous silence of Muslims and their leaders when Alqueda says they have formed a new branch in India for the sake of Muslims is telling. Should we conclude that most of the Muslims in India agree with what Alqueda has to say? After all Indian Muslims agitated for Ottoman caliphate in India with the support mis-informed leaders of Indian National movement. At least in my personal experience I know more than couple of Muslims in Chennai who admired Osama Bin Laden openly. If Silent majority wants to remain silent and enjoy everything done by violent minority in private then there is hardly a difference between them.

Especially when Islam spread in the Indian sub-continent and in the Asian minor, it could not destroy indigenous cultures and traditions; this was tried by Jinnah in East Pakistan (Currently Bangladesh) by introducing one language for all and banning its local language Bengali which is superior because of its literature and other aspects, and resistance to such an attempt became a major reason for its implosion and then the creation of Bangladesh. So it is time for Indian Kafirs to put a united front against the Murderous Islamic expansionism which is evident from the call given by Alqueda to Indian Muslims. It is important to note that Kafirs don’t hate Muslims as Human beings but it is vice versa.

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