Responding to A G Noorani’s distortions

Responding to A G Noorani’s Distortions

Just like every time Nooranis of the world don’t disappoint me this time too. Apart from taking the positions alongside with Violent Maoism covertly & benevolent socialism overtly (just to fool people so as to reflect a sane appearance) and of course abuse Hindus & RSS which is prescribed to them by an uneducated Karl Marx (he was an illiterate as far as the affairs of India is concerned, so is Max Weber), these slaves of Marx dutifully carry forward his work of creative destruction of India. It is the same Marx who has given this world the ideology of Murderous Marxism which has killed millions of innocents and the slaughter continues.

What should be more appalling is the fact that people who admired and adhered to the ideology of Murderous Marxism (read Murderous Communism) and Leninism are giving the world lectures on Human rights, Justice, Peace, harmony and what not. Noorani and his ilk who subscribe to a totalitarian ideology like communism have no right to speak about a selfless, patriotic and nationalist organization like RSS.

These are bunch of hypocrites who masquerade in universities as professors and indoctrinate students with false history and lies. They say Islamic Invaders invaded India to liberate the downtrodden and the Communist China did not attack India in 1962 but merely tried to liberate it from capitalism. And change their positions now and then so as to meet their ultimate objective called creating a Communist caliphate out of India. They can dream about it infinitely.

It is true that all the said nationalist leaders i.e., the likes of Netaji have had some form of communication with the forces that opposed colonial powers, i.e., Nazism and Fascism. It is also another fact that Netaji admired Communism too and just because of that many leftists in India dishonestly claim that he was a communist. If Communism is best and Fascism is the worst how Netaji can be an admirer of both?

Spreading deliberate lies and false interpretation of historical events is indeed the full time job of these dishonest communists and some get PhD’s and Post-Docs too in this process from universities and educational institutions.

What should be more surprising for the uninitiated is how communists who are supposed to oppose every other religion on the earth collaborate with Islamists also they are always apologists of Islamic Terrorism (not to mention the Communist terrorism)? Because in a way the common enemy for Islamists and Communists is an ordinary Hindu. For thousand years the Hindu has been a victim of Islamic excesses and British’s (read Christian) systematic and organized atrocities of few hundred years and in the modern era the enemies of Hindu are these murderous Leftist and Communist forces.

Read : Encounter with Marxists

Read : Double Entente of Marxism & Islamism

Yes. Modi symbolizes RSS. This cannot be digested by the red terror group as RSS has involved in the Anti-Marx work. There is no relation what so ever between Fascism (which is akin to a totalitarian ideology called Marxism) and Nationalism. Leftist lot perpetuates a lie that before the arrival of Westphalia system of state that there were no states at all and all were living a sub-standard lives.

The main intention of Nationalists was to save the Indians from colonial oppression and subjugation. Hence they explored all options available on the table. The communication between the Indian nationalist forces and some groups in Europe should be read in this line. If RSS has adhered to and is adhering to Nazism then why are they not persecuting the Jews? Exterminating Jews was central to Nazism. If Nazis were friends of RSS and RSS the friend of Nazis then the enemies (Jews) of Nazis should also be enemies of RSS? But in the contrary how Jews have a very favorable opinion over RSS? Or did RSS persecute Jews in India? The answer is a “NO”. It is true that Netaji met Hitler. Does that mean Netaji wanted to implement Nazism in India?

Jawaharlal Nehru visited Moscow on the tenth anniversary celebrations of Bolshevik revolution. I don’t want to elaborate the slaughter carried out by the Bolshevik Mobs. Bolsheviks were inspired by Lenin’s idea of “Mass Terror “, just like Islamic Terrorists are inspired by Jihad. Millions were massacred as they were branded as Class Enemies as per the logic of Lenin. Hence Mass Terror was a tool with Bolsheviks to capture the power after slaughtering thousands of innocents. It is an irony that since then the USSR even after its disintegration it still remains a security state.

See what Bolshevik killers have to say through their newspaper – Cheka in August 18, 1919

We reject the old morality and ‘humanity’ invented by the bourgeoisie in order to oppress and exploit the lower classes. Our morality does not have a precedent, our humanity is absolute because it rests on a new ideal: to destroy any form of oppression and violence. To us, everything is permitted because we are the very first to raise our swords not to oppress and enslave, but to release humanity from its chains… Blood? Let blood be shed! Only blood can dye the black flag of the pirate bourgeoisie, turning it once and for all into a red banner, flag of the Revolution. Only the old world’s final demise will free us forever from the return of the jackals.

Can we conclude that Nehru too liked the idea of violence and bloodletting? Because he willingly attended their anniversaries? Hence spinning out lies as scholarship is uncalled for but the leftist indoctrination is absolute, hence we cannot expect anything better from them.

As far as RSS is concerned this is the only true nationalist organization in the country though some political parties like congress have the word – National sandwiched in their party name, its nationalist credentials are still questionable but not of RSS.

The term Hindutva was only discovered by Veer Savarkar, he did not invent it. Just like Gravity existed even before Einstein’s discovery, Hindutva too existed since time immemorial; Sarvarkar only has given a name to it and explained why it is best and he did not have to kill those who did not agree with Hindutva, unlike communists and Marxists.

To say that country was partitioned because of RSS is the height of bigotry which these communists practice anyway. To the contrary RSS has done the opposite and even the staunch opponent of RSS, Nehru was impressed by the patriotic activities of RSS and they were eventually called for a parade in Republic Day celebrations by him. State worship is not an offence; it is like worshiping mother, many yogis referred Bharath as mother, as a form of Shakti, the embodiment of divine. So the concept of state worship was not invented by Italy or Mussolini.

The great savant of this mighty nation – Adi Shankara too worshiped this state. He also referred Bharath as mother. The idea of state worship is not the preserve of Italy. Or just because someone worships state he does not become a Fascist. As like Netaji and Bhagat Singh don’t become communists just because they have read communist literature. Also Indian nationalists don’t become Fascists if they have had contacts with Fascists for the good of the nation. Because their immediate goal was to immediately drive out British.

Though it is a different matter that Dr.Hedgewar true to his education as a doctor diagnosed the disease that plagued India, ie., disorganization of Hindus and realized that India can be saved only if Hindus are organized and united, hence for that purpose RSS was formed, which is contrary to the claims of leftists.

What is important to note is what were the tendencies exhibited by nationalists? It is a slander that is used by communists who say that RSS was responsible for Gandhi’s death, though it is proved legally otherwise. While it may be true that Ghodse have had some form of contact with RSS earlier, which alone is not a proof to blame RSS. If the terrorist organization – SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) was formed by students of Aligarh University, can we say that Aligarh University was responsible for creating SIMI? Hence the Pseudo intellectualism of Leftists/Communists is out in the open. It is for the people of this country to judge their honesty.

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