Breaking the tyranny of Organized Minority

What makes the prime minister of a country like India to say that minorities (read Muslims) should have a first claim over natural resources? And why the majority does not agitate on such divisive statements of head of the state?

The fundamental principle of collective bargaining tells us that organized groups will have the ability to seek more concessions from the opposite party when compared to disorganized groups. The important point to note here is that size of the group is hardly relevant. Primary condition is whether the group is united; hence trade unions act as an effective pressure group. Since interests of a trade union are limited only to their concerns, it has a minimal impact on the society.

In a country of 1.20 billion people, just because populace of 20 crore present themselves as a near homogenous entity or a social/religious group, the state is forced to concede. Or to make the matters worse is to exploit it to the advantage of political elite, so as to remain in power indefinitely. These concessions are often at the cost of disorganized majority.

The dichotomy of Majority v/s Minority was deliberately imposed on Indian society because the political elite saw a great opportunity for themselves. This discourse indeed refers to Hindus v/s Muslims, whereas the Islamic Society or Ummah is a theocratic belief but Hindus is more of a cultural denomination rather than a religion, it is another matter that the leftist intelligentsia has purposefully equated this phenomenon with narrow religious meaning as it serves their narrow ideological beliefs.

But how then a Hindu will reclaim his role in society and claim his credit in nation building? This vexatious question still remains to be answered. Even the post May 16 2014 scenario was not enough to convincingly say that Hindus are mobilizing themselves politically. But further victories of Hindutva forces in the state assembly elections that followed and the positive atmosphere in the country at the moment gives a great confidence for times ahead.

For 60 years with the help of a homogeneous minority, Congress party has ruled this country with little growth & development either to the minorities or to the country as a whole. May be that is why Hindus thought that they should rise above this artificial barriers of caste and creed created by alien forces, and the result of such an awakening caused a paradigm shift in Indian Political Land scape.

But is it enough? Anyone whose identity is Hindu is not safe in South Asia because of that very identity including some parts within India. The only option for this group to save their interests is only through further political mobilization. Congress Party conducted itself for the last 60 years as an Anti-Majority (read Anti-Hindu) party and a pro minority party through with it has managed to retain political authority.

The ramifications of the 2014 results were such that it has started Bharathiya Hindu parishad on the lines of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, such a remarkable change was possible because political mobilization of Hindus.

It is appalling to see the audacity of Indian Left that it calls these results as tyranny of Majority, which is not only contempt but an insult to democratic credentials of the inhabitants of India. Though there are no takers of Communism as far as electoral politics is concerned, this clique possesses enormous nuisance value in India, so it has to be defeated systematically, electorally and intellectually with much vigour.

The only challenge facing our society is to sustain this Political Mobilization. The current political leadership must continue to disseminate the fact to all the stake holders that Hindu cultural unity is different from religious theocracy; hence equitable growth is only possible when Hindu unity is achieved.

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