Acknowledging the Secularism of Hindu Society

Long before world knew who Jesus and Mohammed were; Hindus of this sub-continent have been practicing secularism in its original form. Secularism is in the DNA of the Hindu society, as it is only the Hindu who has managed to keep the religion as his private affair. Science and religion never clashed in this great land, but only complemented each other. Even with the near superiority of its rich culture it never treated others as second and third rate.

The achievements of Christendom are such that, people of Europe had to stand up in unison and say that we shall not tolerate this non-sense any more which resulted in the age of enlightenment and subsequently secularism. And Islamic Society urgently needs enlightenment for its own benefit. What the Church has done to Galileo is an open secret.

Europeans have not realized that Secularism was not their invention; they have merely re-invented the wheel. Since time immemorial Hindu society has practised it in full spirit. It did not massacre or engaged in genocide just because someone was a non-Hindu.

A Hindu considers that going to a temple or any other religious place is his personal affair. And when he eventually goes there, the priest of temple does not indulge in hate-mongering. A priest can be loosely related to the position of a Pastor for Christians and Mullahs for Muslims. Contrast this with what happens on Sunday masses, I have seen it myself, where a Pastor would routinely call that all idols in temples are satans and those (read Hindus) who go to temple are possessed by Satan. And I don’t want to say what is being told in Mosques, say for example about Jews. The irony is that people who held inquisitions and killed innocents are preaching secularism.

With the bloody past the aliens continue to lecture the Hindu day-in and day-out on secularism; in fact it is Hindu who should lecture the world about secularism. For two thousand years or more the Hindu & Chinese Civilizations have thrived economically or otherwise, though Chinese civilization has fallen for a reprehensible ideology called communism, Hindu civilization has survived the religious violence and pillage of Abrahamic religions. Our hope is that It should continue to thrive and remain as a beacon of freedom of thought and reason for infinity. Is it unreasonable to expect any improvement in the psyche of politically motivated religious ideologies ? Hindu society should prepare for the worst and should politically organize itself for its own defence.

It only made me laugh when I recently saw US president advising India about tolerance and Secularism, Art.25 and all that. I was wondering if he was speaking out of stupidity or ignorance. I cannot call Obama an ignorant. Irony continues.

It may not be too much to expect from Christendom and Ummah that after centuries of violence which they have committed on innocents it is time to show remorse, accept the reality of the day and learn tolerance, plurality and secularism from the Hindu society.

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