There is nothing “Liberal” about Indian-Left

The first thing the so called liberal Indian left has done right after UPA-I has sworn in was to burn over 5 lakh NCERT text books written by Historian and Prof. Makkan Lal. What sin did Prof.Lal commit? Including some sections that praised India’s ancient glory in the text books. Indian left has put the Colonial British and many other invaders and marauders to shame who came through the western borders of Indian sub-continent, when it comes to denying ordinary Indians the truth about the hoary past of Indian civilization.

It is understandable if British and other invaders wanted that, because unless the native population was shown as weak, they could not have enslaved them (did they?) easily. But what explains the behavior of Indian left who are the willing agents of alien invaders, say 1962 Chinese Invasion. The source of such intolerance and bigotry lies in the reprehensible ideology they represent which they claim as the only progressive system (Communism) ever known to mankind.

It is quite an impossible task for an ordinary citizen to comprehend their machinations. Let’s understand their fundamental theme. It is to oppose all forces that are capitalist in nature. Since the number one enemy of Communism is USA, all of them ganged up with USSR. In a straight battle between these poles, i.e., USA and USSR, USSR has lost the conventional battle comprehensively to the USA. Since the death of the demigod (USSR) of Indian left, they have found a safe umbrage under Congress party, who would do anything for power. After all why India was allowed to be partitioned?

Even though the Indian left adjusted itself to Indian conditions, where ever possible they have pushed their dark agenda. So the tendency to support Jihadis arises from this notion that since Jihadis are fighting USA – The Oppressor, the left (Indian or otherwise) are morally compelled to support and condone Jihadi activities or only voice muted responses. The noted naxalite terrorist Kishenji once said that “The Islamic upsurge should not be opposed as it is basically anti-US and anti-imperialist in nature. We, therefore, want it to grow”.

One should clearly know as to who are the ideological forefathers of Indian left-wingers. It is Russia’s Stalin and China’s Mao. I.e., the ancestors of the crowd that is running amuck now claiming that India has become intolerant ever since Modi has become prime minster are Stalin and Mao, not to mention Lenin. Who are these characters and what their achievements have been, is an open secret. To get a peep in to what communism is, let me quote from the book – “Prospects of Indian Communism” by Ram Sakal Singh & Champa Singh. Pg – 149.

“It is a universal truth there is no place for opposition in communism as communist ideologies are supposed to be absolute and infallible. In countries where the communist rule has been established, opposition has either been liquidated or it perished itself”

In short forget the dichotomy of tolerance and intolerance, in places where the ideology of communism has dominantly entrenched not even the basic Human rights were guaranteed. More than twenty million people were killed in Russia and China because of the ideological rage of Stalin and Mao. Such killings could only be matched by the genocides carried out by Jihadis in the medieval times. Millions were butchered simply because people did not agree with Jihadis. Same philosophy applied by the communists worldwide. For eg:- in the Indian state of Kerala, MM Mani, leader of Marxist Communist party admitted to having killed hundreds of political opponents, this they did it after systematically preparing the kill list of political opponents.


The finance minister of India, Mr. Arun Jaitley, called the act of returning awards by a handful of intellectuals of cinema and literary whose Ideological leaning is communism as politics by other means and a manufactured rebellion. He could not have said it any better. It was indeed a storm in tea cup and the ordinary Indian is not bothered about the lies that are being spread.

A casual observer is misled by the phenomenon that communists are only about Communist political parties. It is actually wrong, Communism is a hydra headed monster whose foot soldiers are in all walks of life, from teachers in educational institutions to IAS officers to actors and other important positions in public life, not to mention the cheer leaders in media.

This is the same group which welcomed the 1962 Chinese invasion and called it an attempt to liberate India from capitalism and cheered Indira Gandhi while she was implementing Emergency on flimsy pretensions, where she curtailed fundamental rights including freedom of speech. The Indian left willingly collaborated in the reign of terror that Indira Gandhi unleashed. May be Indira Gandhi by heart who is a communist simply following what her mentor Lenin has prescribed, i.e., spread mass terror?

I grew up learning a story of Gandhi in school days, where a mother would bring her son to Gandhi complaining that her son has become an addict to Jaggery and she wanted Gandhi to advise her son. Mahatma asked the mother to bring her son after two weeks. After two weeks when she took her son to Gandhi, he advised him not to eat too much of Jaggery. The confused mother asked Gandhi that he could have said the same before two weeks. Responding to her, Gandhi said that until two weeks ago he too was an addict of Jaggery, hence he found that it is morally inappropriate to advise her son. Hence in the last two weeks he rescued himself from the habit of excessively partaking Jaggery, only then he thought he had the moral authority to advise her son. The moral of the story is that one should possess credentials (moral) to lecture others about peace and sanity. The Indian left talking about tolerance, to me it sounds like Abu  Baqr Al Bagdadi of ISIS talking about Human rights and peace. Hence neither the congress party which turned a blind eye to the butchery of Sikhs nor the communists, for whom violence is a central theme in their political thinking, possess such a moral authority to advise others on peace and tolerance.

There is a method in the madness of Indian left. M N Roy said Communists may have to cheat or disguise under the guise of democracy until their goal is achieved i.e., usurping political authority through democratic means in India. They tried it by supporting the emergency through a bizarre defense put forth in favor of emergency, but it did not work out. They have really underestimated the fighting spirit of Indians.

Since the communists have lost the conventional battle against their main ideological enemy i.e., Hindutva in India, they now have resorted to Guerilla tactics. In such a war there is no distinction between combatant and non-combatant. The Hindutva movement has been a great obstacle in the spread of communism in India, hence this spectre of debate on intolerance.

It is a great irony that all these totalitarian regimes (be it Islamist or Communist), they use the words republic & democracy liberally. Hence Pakistan is an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, China is a People’s Republic, North Korea is Democratic people’s republic and not to mention USSR which was called as Soviet Republic. In all these regimes citizens are not allowed to express their political dissent and are denied basic Human rights. But the fellow travellers & apologists or cheer leaders of these reprehensible ideologies would routinely lecture others on peace, liberty, Human rights and other things, which will have no value if Indian left succeeds in their anti-national agenda.

The Jihadis too, use the same argument in the name of religious autonomy etc., to further their agenda, once the goal of usurping the political authority reached, they shall show their true colours. When we ask the Indian Islamists and left as to why there is no semblance of fundamental rights in Saudi Arabia and China, they would immediately retort that they are living in India. But, the ugly truth is that both these ideological groups draw their inspiration from the political systems of Saudis and Communists of China. In reality for both of them the holy land is not India. When pointed questions are asked, they hide under obscurantism.

The hatred and contempt of Indian left on anything which is related to Hindu culture is well explained and understood if one reviews the origin and evolution of Communists in India. The Indian left has no legitimate political authority to oppose Hindutva forces as people have rejected them electorally; they are employing guerilla tactics by sending their storm troopers to fight a proxy war. Under the garb of opposing Hindutva, denigrating Hinduism and Hindu philosophy is allowed as a legitimate right to express oneself. So, MF.Hussain drawing nude pictures of Hindu deities which Hindus revere is allowed as freedom of expression and when Prof. Joseph whose hand was chopped off by Indian Islamists because he asked some objectionable questions in a question paper is brushed aside as not so serious threat to freedom of expression and tolerance.

In India and in global scale the Left has become an important intellectual supporter of Jihadis, the left not only brushes aside the genocide which is under-way in different pockets of the world that is being carried out by Jihadis citing some ridiculous reasons but actually encourage and justify what they have been doing. Take the case of India, the left has been a vociferous supporter of Pakistan in its proxy war in India; these are the only people whose language and vocabulary is no different from the language of the enemy state. The ISI agents liberally quote Arundathi Roy. Indians should know that what is happening in India right now through this bogus intolerant debate spun by Indian left is a part of a grand design whose objectives are truly global.

The Congress is a natural benefactor, if at all there is going to be any political dividends out of this paper rebellion launched by the Indian left in its attempt to defame its staunch enemy, the Hindutva. History tells us that battles that are fought using falsehood & obfuscation are never won, even if they are won, victory could not be sustained for a longer period.

It is a welcome step to see the counter voices emerging opposing the Indian left who are fabricating a revolt which is duly supported by Congress party. Thanks to Anupam Kher, the actor-activist and a Kashmir Pandit from J&K whose community was butchered by next door Muslims who were inspired by the call of Islamists in Kashmir valley and the very Indian left that is talking about tolerance now did not raise its finger then, simply because the victims were Hindus. For decades these Pseudo-Liberals who were patronized by Congress are feeling alienated after the results of 2014 general elections which has ushered a generational change in the Indian political landscape.

The takeaway for the intellectually dishonest Indian left is that they should stop taking Indians for granted and for Indians stay vigilant.


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