The Battle for Sanskrit Or The Battle of Rajiv Malhotra?

This whole argument and subsequent observations are being made after seeing the hostility which the left and their planted sepoys are showing towards Indian-American scholar and Researcher Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. But they are failing, he is not intimidated.

Probably some 60 years ago, Indian Intelligentsia most of the time meant only the articulate Indian Barristers who also involved themselves in the freedom struggle. But after the political independence from Colonial British a new breed of elite arose morphing their actual inclinations of regressive and murderous ideology in to liberal and democratic spirit of Indian nation.

Once the British were out, this group felt abandoned as the paymaster is not there anymore for the funding of scheming out scams and doling out perverted histories. To their surprise the governments of free India were more than willing to accommodate them in addition to creating specific institutions to nurture such breed of Intelligentsia, here onwards referred as Indian left.

The ultimate goal of Indian left is to strip India of its cultural identity, i.e., Hindu Identity. Anybody who champions the cause of Indian culture and its ancient past is instantly dubbed as Communal.

For decades there has been no considerable challenge to this unintellectual group called Indian left, of course some scholars are indeed sophisticated but their methodologies are flawed and are deliberately selective and biased towards the available evidence and data.

For eg: In his new book “The battle for Sanskrit ” Mr. Malhotra highlights the argument of masters of Indian left – The American Whites, that Sanskrit was saved by Muslim rulers and it was killed by Hindu kings. When I heard that, I couldn’t stop laughing until my stomach started aching.

For long truth seekers like Mr. Malhotra were labelled as Saffronists. I have been observing Mr. Malhotra’s whirlwind tour in India launching his new book – The Battle for Sanskrit and talks on that subject, one such event I have attended personally in IIT Madras in January 2016. The response is remarkable in my opinion.

Mr. Malhotra uses significant amount of time in taking questions after every talk he gives. Now the tradition of Indian left is to plant some students and others to ask few questions in an attempt to embarrass him. But if one has asked a question he must be ready for an answer, and the left in general is not in a position to patiently listen to the response.

In his recent talk at Tata Institute of Social sciences, Mumbai, some ridiculous question/s on the allegations about plagiarism on him were answered by Mr. Malhotra eloquently with in-depth clarity. Such allegations only show that those who are making them are not only simpletons but totally uneducated.

Looking at the emerging trend from broader perspective, we may say that the left in general and Indian left in particular have gotten used to one-sided battles, where the opponent was either too weak or disorganized. Suddenly the marginal successes of people like Mr. Malhotra in enlightening Hindu society has only put the Anti-National leftwing brigade in the back foot.

The more appalling aspect of their intellectual bent is their inability to see things beyond the unimaginative Rightwing-Leftwing dichotomy. It is laughable that they continue to self-certify themselves as critical thinkers and public intellectuals.

The war against Anti-National leftists has reached a critical juncture where the enemies feel that they are losing ground, hence resorting to cheap tactics. We should not repeat the mistakes of Maharaja. Prithviraj Chauhan. The battle for Sanskrit is only one among thousands of battles of a major war to save this ancient civilizational state called India. And it is our bounden duty to play whatever role we can.

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