Indian Communists Are Gutter Inspectors

Mahatma Gandhi called Katherine Mayo a Gutter Inspector after reading her book – Mother India, which talks about what is wrong with India (read Hindus) and the necessity of continuing with British rule in India. Such works those days were created for Missionaries to step in and do their job. It is altogether another matter that it still happens in a subtler way. So, when India was under Colonial Subjugation, colonizers and British Indian sepoys at the instance of missionaries would build a narrative based on India’s sewers (i.e., by showing what is wrong with India).

For the sake of a better analogy let’s take the example of a House. A house would normally have different rooms, each for a different purpose. I.e., Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and toilet/s etc., If one is asked to describe about how he feels about a house, he would begin by looking at Living room, kitchen, bedroom etc., to form an opinion. But, he won’t straight away go to the drainage to pass a judgement about the house as a whole. It is entirely appropriate to inspect sewers with an intention to clean it.

Assisting Balkanization of India is an ideological objective.

Just like Islamist Jihadis, in the communist scheme of things there is neither Nation nor State. They are sworn internationalists. The only Nationalism Indian Communists are fine with is Chinese Nationalism. Every other nationalism termed by them as Fascism.

First they began with deconstruction of Indian History and taught Indians to worship their oppressors. So, all Mughals and Brits are constructed as heroes.

The first step is to show that all that is indigenous as regressive and backward. And curate all that is worse with India under one head to portray it as a determinant. This is called atrocity literature. So, they would go around all the places where rapes have occurred in the country and run the story in prime time TV ad nausea and say that India is a country of rapists. Then the Christian Missionaries would come in to civilize the barbaric Hindus, because Hindus have been rapists all the time. Only when a significant section of Indian populace becomes a self-loathing lot, the job of bringing revolutions will become a reality. Until then it is a work in progress.

Day after day they will come up with what is wrong with India. Write endless prescriptions, if followed in spirit the break up of India is assured. Every country has its own merits and demerits, things to feel proud about and things to feel ashamed. But, the important point is can we allow substances in gutter to define our identity? Once indoctrinated in Communism you shall lose the ability to see good things around you.

In such a vast nation, all they can talk about is Caste, Cow and Curry. There are other niches too – Women’s rights, Human rights, Minority rights, people’s rights, Tribal rights, Communalism etc.,

As a common man we should be wary of such narratives and understand the true purposes of such a portrayal.

Intellectual Dishonesty at its best

Every day they will tell you that India is a poor country and its majority community i.e., Hindus are violent communal thugs and Muslims and Christians are Secular people. That India should not send satellites to outer space because there is no food to eat. There is no need for a military. There is no need for Nuclear weapons. How women are raped daily.  And will tell you that how Hindus should learn to respect the sensitivities of Muslims regarding the animal Pig and not to make a big deal about Cow slaughter as others would love to eat cow meat.

If someone dies in a road accident, they will first inquire if he is a Dalit, Christian or a Muslim, then it will be reported as a poor Dalit died in a road accident. Of course the Indian Communists mask themselves with different names like Liberals, feminists. They love Ambedkar to spread hatred against Hindus. Call themselves democrats, though everyone knows that words like democracy are not mentioned in the dictionary of Communism.

They will vehemently write about how since 1991 because of liberalization and globalization poor are affected India. But when you remind them as to what was India’s economic growth since 1947 when the country was ruled by Socialist/Communist mafia through a system of Centralized Economic Planning, they would feign ignorance. If communist economic model is greatest of all then West Bengal and Kerala should have been top at all indicators – economic and Human. It is at best used as a tool for arson and loot of entrepreneurs.

At the end there is a big utility of having them around. We can treat their suggestions and prescriptions as a report of sewer inspector and get our sewers cleared.

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1 Response to Indian Communists Are Gutter Inspectors

  1. Santanu Dey says:

    They are the filthiest sewer rats feeding on the filthiest bacteria in the process becoming the worst disease-carrying bacteria themselves. They have done enough harm to us in the past 60+ years and that is the limit. One-sixth of humanity can do without the polluting effect of these germs. India has more or less eradicated malaria already – no need to revive its return.


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