Discussion with Dennis Hutchinson on Breaking India Review

Discussion with Dennis Hutchinson Breaking India Review

Dennis: I can believe in the past about Christians, Jihadis, Maoist, and communist wanting to break up India and re write history, people like the Christian missionary workers who thought it was their right to teach Christianity and control the people of India. However, today it would seem from a Westerners point of view, India’s religions and culture is seen as something to be preserved and admired

Me: It is true that the ordinary westerner is awe-stuck by the metaphysical might of Hindu Philosophy. As long as he is sworn by his Christian dogmas the problem will never go away. If that westerner who you are talking about is really concerned then he should first start questioning the funding of Missionary activities not only in India but also elsewhere. Christian Missionaries are still in the field, it is the same old game but with new rules mostly coupled with deception and fraud. I would find fault with Stupid Hindus. When the Spaniards were butchering natives of America in the name of Christianity one native chief who was about the burned alive said when he was asked to accept Jesus Christ so that he could go to heaven – ” If heaven was where Christians went then I would rather go to hell ” . The Idiotic Hindus should have a similar spirit, instead of succumbing to the allurements and the thuggery of Missionaries. The only way innocent westerners can atone for the sins committed by their ancestors is take some steps in thwarting the modern day cultural genocide which the Church (or Christian Missionaries) is engaged in.

Dennis: Like all religions, Christianity and it’s missionaries are no different to other religions when it comes to converting the minors and telling them to accept their God, it’s like saying, do as I say or pay the consequences. there is no excuse for the butchery and genocide which occurred around the world in the name of religion. Religion is all about power, control and the self-gratification that if I help to convert these people to my religion I will have done good and I will go to heaven. Being brought up a Protestant and a Christian, Christened in Church ( so I will go to heaven ) I soon realised in adulthood that life is much better and easier without religion and it’s rules and regulations. Living in England the people that I come into contact with have no desire for religion and see it as something from the history books.

Me: Agreed Sire. Your view applies “only” to Abrahamic belief systems. Additionally, I think there is a problem with your word – ” Like all religions “. All religions were/are not like that. The Dharmic Based traditions never forced anyone to believe anything but have taught the human to “Seek”. Hence, Like Jaggi Vasudev would say ” India is not a land of believers but it is a land of seekers ” seekers of ultimate truth or Brahman. There is no compulsion in doing certain things in certain way. Mainly there is no sword wielding Zealot to enforce dogmas. The Hindu fundamentals teach us that every living being (not just human) is an embodiment of divinity, so there is no doctrinal weakness. And it is primarily why westerners voluntarily go in huge numbers to Hindu Gurus just to listen to their words. I have seen it myself. And Hindus don’t believe in “Conversion” which is the nature of Abrahamic faiths. There are so many examples to show where Christian Missionaries compelled with the appeal of Hindu Philosophy begged at the feet of Hindu Gurus to convert them to Hinduism, but the Guru’s response was ” you don’t have to convert, you just pray to Jesus, that is enough”. You should realize that modern day material luxuries which the west claims to have achieved began from the loot of East. The Madison project – For 2000 years of recorded history Indian & Chinese civilizations dominated the world economically, then came the organized slavery and Colonization backed with the Justification given by Christian dogmas (or simply Christianity). The approach of Islam is different, which warrants a separate discussion on its own.

Dennis: yes coming from the West I just presumed all Religions as Abrahamic, which quite rightly they are not.The Dharmic religions are quite different in their thinking and beliefs and their belief of the Nirvana end. (or should that be beginning )

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