The Pseudo-Liberal argument on Crimes against women, especially in urban centres is lopsided

Every time a party going girl gets molested or sexually abused, the feminist brigade comes to the floor with their guns blazing, tilting the whole debate in to a one sided argument, that men should control their temptations when men see a naked (or a half dressed) woman on the street as if every damn man is a sanyasi or a yogi practicing Mula bandha.

If women can go for a midnight bash or a party, at times rave parties too, she is well aware about the consequences as to what could happen if things go out of control. And if she on her own volition chooses to be in the midst of unknown men who are drunk then every woman cannot be protected with 5 police men surrounding her. So, what the fem brigade is implying is that whenever a woman chooses to go to a party she should text the address of the location to the local police station so that, 5 policemen can be there for her security?

Lust for women is an age old weakness for men, from Emperors to paupers all suffered from it. Just because now men wear ironed pant and shirt doesn’t mean that he is all reformed. If the argument is, women can wear what they want or go naked if they chose to and that is not an invite for men to grope them, then it misses to recognize the reality that men are animals. We have to work for our own safety first and then demand the police to be our body guards.

A Zoo metaphor might sound appropriate. For all animals in zoo from dangerous to ordinary there is a line or a boundary that restricts them to a particular area and if you cross that boundary and go near those animals and if it hounds you then you cannot complain that zoo keeper should be held responsible for not protecting you.

So, if you decide to go to a party and you know that you will be drinking and you also know that men will also be drunk, that means you are ready for that consequences or you don’t consider that as a consequence at all. This is not to discount the fact rapes don’t happen in rural areas, at least in those cases we know for sure that who is to be blamed. I have been to Bangalore few years ago to meet my friend. I was on my way from Kundanhalli to BTM Layout in a private cab, suddenly from nowhere one young and gorgeous lady stumbled on our car’s bonnet, she was so drunk that she had no idea as to where she was. We have waited for couple of minutes for her to move away and then we moved.

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2 Responses to The Pseudo-Liberal argument on Crimes against women, especially in urban centres is lopsided

  1. Did you not offer her a lift ? I think that was a missed opportunity on your part.


  2. No, she moved in to a nearby house. Other guys and girls were shouting at her to comeback. I would have done that, ie., given her a lift or would have escorted her to home, if it was during night.


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