Anti-Nationals should not be allowed to Hijack the narrative on Jallikattu

We should move beyond the discussion on the right to conduct Jallikattu. Because it is a common knowledge now, as we see that even the most illiterate lot of India – IT Employees, too have started talking about this and it is a point of satisfaction that they are talking sense to an extent this time around. It is important to note that when a demand for a political change is propelled by a genuine bottom up people activism, success is assured.

In this game of shadows, we need to identify the actors who are participating and how they are motivated.

  1. Citizens
  2. Nationalist forces.
  3. Church inspired NGO’s.
  4. Secessionist, Dravidinist, Communist forces.
  5. Islamist forces.

By Citizens I mean the common people who have no affiliation to any political party or an organization, even if one has an association but has kept that hat (of organization or political party) at home. These are the people who think that they have had enough of nonsense of foreign NGO’s who use our legal system to deny our basic rights and freedom. They are not lead by a party or organization, but is a spontaneous assemblage.


Above is the photo of Employees of IT companies protesting in front of DLF IT Park Chennai.

Nationalist forces stand by citizens without practicing duplicity or bigotry. They are by definition cultural nationalists. The very purpose of their existence is to save the culture. All other actors have dubious positions on different cultural festivities and the citizens have none, but are only being mobilized by one actor or the other. Otherwise the common man would have given a full support for the ban of cow and bull slaughter. On issues such as cow slaughter the notorious actors like Church funded & inspired NGO’s and other anti-national forces have always misled the citizen.

Missionaries and their NGO’s who want to convert all Indians by hook or crook are silently watching the game and are commenting only when they are forced to. And the character of Dravidinist forces is no different than the Church inspired NGO’s

The behavior of Islamists might appear peculiar on the face of it, but it is nothing surprising. They would simply want to eat off all the cows and bulls in a single go and they would give a damn whether animals are tortured or not. They are only spectators in this game.

Factually speaking there are two sides of the divide, we have nationalists and citizens on the one side and anti-nationals on the other. By definition Islamists, Dravidinists and Church inspired NGO’s and missionaries are Anti-National forces.

By nature, anti-nationals hate Nationalists, and would seek every other opportunity to pin down nationalists. So, the anti-nationals want to use this opportunity and turn the tables on Nationalists. By doing that they would want to perpetuate the lie that Nationalists are representatives of Aryans who have come from Central Asia and Dravidinists and Church as a true representatives of Tamils as they are fighting against Aryans.

PETA is a Breaking India force, just like there are so many NGO’s which are established for specialized purposes through foreign funding. For eg: – NGO’s sympathizing with Maoist terrorists. NGO’s for the cause of Jihadis who are engaged in fulltime butchery of innocents in India. The Communists, Jihadis and the Church wanted Cow & Bull slaughter to go unhindered but supported PETA wholeheartedly in their case for banning Jallikattu originally just by remaining silent. That was a gross contradiction.

Now these anti-nationals have taken a different position because of two dangers. One, because this would naturally benefit the Nationalist forces. And the other danger is that the prey (citizens) would become intelligent and might refuse to become their target. The fact that Indians are hypnotized by Church, Islamists and Communists on some bull crap or the other who have been duping Indians on denouncing their own culture and have been convincing us to import some foreign stuff in the name of sanity, like converting to Christianity, Islam or Communism.

At the core of all these three forces of anti-nationalism is hatred for anything that is Indian. An enlightened Indian would challenge the very existence of these anti-National forces, hence they are temporarily practicing Taqiya (when a Jihadi is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie to confuse the Kaffir – Non believer.) – to confuse Indians. So, these anti-national forces suddenly supporting the Jallikattu to fool Indians is not a surprise.

The central govt. is playing patience to allow the natural crystallization of people’s ire and channel it in such a way that all anti-national rats that were hiding in the sewers so far to come out in the open for all of us to see. Simply passing an ordinance would not have given us that opportunity.

Legally speaking, I would advise the center not to bring in an ordinance, this will set a wrong precedence. Rajiv Gandhi in Shah bano case might have brought an ordinance by sucking up to Jihadis by subverting our legal system. We don’t have to repeat the thuggery of Congress.

As a first step Tamil Nadu state assembly should pass a unanimous resolution in favor of Jallikattu and submit that resolution to the president of India and Prime Minister and/or send that to speakers of both the houses. State govt. should file a review petition in supreme court or at least become a party in the case already filed by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and convince the court that shoddy evidence like video clips and other atrocity literature that was submitted by a foreign NGO is not a reason enough for an outright ban on Jallikattu.

A middle ground should be sought i.e., a possibility of regulating the sport. This is the only way. Every other act by the unruly thugs of a bogus identity called Dravidianism is an act of diversion to seek political dividends.

It is a fact that ever since the case began in the court none of the so called ( actually anti-national) supporters have gone to the court as representatives in favor of Jallikattu is a point to be noted to prove that they were/are indeed practicing Taqiya.

People (Dravidian Parties of TN and Secessionist forces) who supported PETA by conspicuously remaining silent when the case was on in SC are now reacting to public outrage for the sake of it need to be exposed. Any act to blame this saga on the central govt. is entirely an act of stupidity if not ignorance. Remember we are fooled by Dravidian Parties on this case too, like they were fooling us for the past 50 years in the name of imported ideologies.

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3 Responses to Anti-Nationals should not be allowed to Hijack the narrative on Jallikattu

  1. Santanu Dey says:

    These foreign-funded NGOs and their agents in India are all behind this drama surrounding the ban on Jalikattu with some of the other anti-national forces active in India who were on the lookout for some way out for themselves to come out of their hibernation and this has given them an ideal opportunity. They were lying low for some period post-JNU (an ideal institution to bear the name of that biggest back-stabber of Mother India) drama. Hope we the Nationalistic bunch of Indians would appreciate the reality and expose this trinity of Church-funded NGOs, Dravidian politicians of TN, and Communists and of course the fountainhead of all anti-India activities that is today’s Indian National Congress.

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  2. arisebharat says:

    It is a matter of real concern how the missionaries have camouflaged themselves in this movement.

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