The Death of Political Correctness: Modi ought to be a Trump

World over honest people whose personal integrity and public probity was always above board and wanted to get involved in the electoral politics, but could never be successful because of a pervert logic thrusted up on them i.e., to utter blatant lies for the sake of success in the land scape of electoral politics, without lying very few survived.

Victory of Donald Trump as a president of United States is a death knell to such rules and to those who propagated it. For the first time it has been proved that in a legitimate democracy to win an election not only that we don’t need to lie but we can continue to repeat the truth from the roof tops and we don’t have to be afraid of the blackmail and persecution from Socialist tyrants, Communist Maniacs and Islamic Terrorists who have forced peace loving Humans to live in fear.

The left-wingers who call themselves Liberals and harbingers of peace and sanity are falling back to their original character i.e., thuggery. Hence, they are instigating violent protests instead of respecting a popular vote. No wonder they are enemies of Democracy, just like their half brothers – Islamists.

Cut back to India. The propaganda of Left-wing channels has been that there are more similarities between Modi and Trump, which is a lie. Actually there is only one, both are from outside the establishment, that is it. And Modi will never be Trump simply because he cannot utter the ‘I” word. Trump says that he will wipe Radical Islamic Terrorism from the face off the earth, on the contrary Modi hides behind the word – Terrorism to describe the phenomenon, such a shame, he ought to be Trump. I want my Prime Minister to utter the ultimate. It is natural that power brokers (mostly Media) despise them, because they do not play by their roles.

Jihadi-Communist nexus is posing an existential threat to the world. It is true that Trump’s rhetoric so far has been to take the Radical Islamic Terrorism & Chinese threat of economic war head on. On any such war against Islamic Terrorism Pakistan can never be an ally. As a committed sympathizer of (though hidden) of Radical Islam, Obama treated Pakistan with kid’s gloves, which he should not have. It is important that Trump lives up to his promises.

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1 Response to The Death of Political Correctness: Modi ought to be a Trump

  1. Santanu Dey says:

    Really wonder how so-called intelligent/educated groups world over are ganging up against the phenomenon called Trump. According to me the only thing Trump can be blamed of is that he has not attempted hiding his mind at any stage of his appearance in public stage. Right from his first appearance as an aspirant for US Presidency he has made it abundantly clear that he would work for prosperity of the American society by converting to a more level playing ground so far as the US economy is concerned and try his best so American jobs don’t move abroad just for cheap labor leaving the American youth unemployed. Well if any third-world leader had made such effort, he or she would be heralded as the next Nobel Laureate but this man is being castigated for the same. The main complaint against him seems to be that ‘this is a man who does not change his language at all after winning the US Presidential election and this cannot be digested by the so-called liberals that has gotten so much used to being hoodwinked by politicians for eternity and the general worry is “how can a US President be so forthright in his utterances – he has got to be more diplomatic meaning he should never make statements that he would really like to implement ever.

    Narendra Modi can never be a Trump because he doesn’t have such absolute power, nor is he backed up by the huge stockpile of armaments at his disposal. How I wish our man would be bestowed with these backings – he would have by now changed the world altogether making it into a peaceful planet where everyone could live happily ever afterward.

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