Curated Quotes

Quote 1 : Probably thousand years from now if historians were to ascertain the reasons for the genocide of Hindus in Indian Sub-Continent, because at the current phase we would have already become Saudi Arabia by then, the reason would be no Jihadi or communist crooks but a significant chunk of stupid and dumb-ass Hindus. Who are hypnotized by Pseudo-Liberal bullshit.

Quote 2 : There is nothing called as temporary law and permanent law. Law is a law. I am astonished with the confidence of useless idiots who are peddling this urban myth.. Come for a crash course – Law 101, I may offer it for free.

Quote 3: When ever my Muslim friends talk to me about the virtues of Islam, I would ask them to join me for or I will join them for joint reading of their book. I tell them to bring in their mullah of their choice. I will also assure that with no prejudice I would listen to them, but they should be ready for scrutinizing their position with modern day standards of public morality. From then on they would go on radio silence…They would not dare to come back to me.

Quote 4: The stupid Hindus don’t read Kalidasa,kautilya and Abhinavagupta. But, they would read Bentham, mill,Marx and Weber, I am also a culprit… But then the question is why would they not know about their grand mother and grand father but want to know about the mauraders who raped their grand mothers? Exactly why I say Hindus will end up as corpses and objects to be studied in museum in the decades to come…….

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