Short Note on China

We are in a very peculiar position. When the USSR was at it’s prime, it was detrimental to Indian interests though it was not to Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Congress Party’s. But once it was broken Russia has become closer to India as far as assisting India in Defence preparedness and on other matters. Now, India faces a similar situation as far as China is concerned. The remedy lies in breaking China in to numerous parts, the post Communist Government which shall be a true representative of Chinese people will be as friendly as Russia to India.

Now, the question is who would break up China in to pieces, it is going to be US. For all its posture, China will not be able to stand up to a conventional face off with US. The reason why the breaking of China will not be hastened is because it deals with the internal turbulence with a clever mix of organized violence & other repressive measures, propaganda and timely sops. And they also maintain a narrative of an external security threat from Japan and US to distract the ordinary Chinese so that they won’t raise in rebellion against the Communist regime.

There are two things India can do. 1. Actively assist the Balkanization of China just like China does in assisting the Balkanization of India by directly supporting Pakistan. 2. Just wait for it happen on its own or beg the US to do it. Before 1989 we could not do it because of our economic status, now we are poised to do it. Let’s do it on our own, engage S.E. Asia and Mongolia more forcefully. This is simply because Trump will not want US to be a World Police. But if some miracle happens and Trump decides to flex US’s muscle with China, India should “Openly” support Trump with no strings attached

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