The Clueless Left knows not what is Right

The premise of any intellectual argument should be truth. No amount of proficiency in articulation of a language (Presumably English) or expertise in relative semantics should trump the cardinal rule that any argument won through a lie as a foundation would ultimately collapse. I am not even suggesting us to go in to the discussion of morality & immorality dichotomy. The Left is such a peculiar movement that based its underpinning on a foreign ideology – Marxism.

Once, the early proponents decided to super impose the Left (interchangeably used for Marxism, Communism, Communists and its allies) on India, to their surprise they have realized that it is not possible to apply it as it is. Hence, they had to tinker with it by keeping its central components in tact or at times modifying some of its core tenets too. Hence, plain lying and at times twisting the truth to suit their agenda has become a legitimate tool.

Left as a movement (Political or otherwise) cannot succeed, if there is nothing to hate. It can be an object, system or simply a person. Hence, they hate Nationalism as a system, democratically elected government as an object and Narendra Modi as a person as far as India is concerned. Normally they would direct their hatred towards state by referring it with all kind of derogatory names like representative of a majoritarian tyranny is one such label they use to refer a democratically elected government. It is a peculiar phenomenon of the 21st century that visceral hatred for a person – Narendra Modi which it has managed to generate and spread is indeed unparalleled.

For more than a decade it ran an active campaign against a single man – Modi to thwart him politically. After all, why would it do it? What is it with this one man? The tradition of the left world-wide is that they would first build a credible theory (which is convincing, academically and otherwise) to spread hatred against the state and then a system and a person. So, the point is to direct their hatred towards a person is the last thing they would normally do.

Parasites would enter a body when its immunity is affected. Likewise, left cannot enter a body polity when the Nation is united. The parasite i.e., left thrives in an India which is balkanized. Now, Modi has put spokes in their grand design. Hence, it is only logical for them to drop their pretensions and build the “Hate Modi” epithet.

The more Modi succeeds in unifying India as a Nation, the more it is going to be tougher for the left to move ahead with their “Breaking India” project. The idea is to destabilize Modi as a central figure for the Indians to rally around him. The reason some of his schemes are hugely successful at a Pan-India level, for eg: – Clean India initiative, Jan Dhan scheme, and the give it up scheme for Gas subsidy etc. because he is a rallying figure. Some of them are merely a call urging people to do it like giving up Gas Subsidy to quote an example.

If more and more people are going to listen to one man, then the project of Left would crumble like house of cards and slowly the artificial barriers that keep Indians divided would be rendered irrelevant.

To convince a majority of Indians to hate Modi ultimately they have had to lie. Lying is not new to left. They have been lying in every facet of public life. They have been lying in constructing India’s History and Economics for example. They have failed to stop Modi especially because they have been lying on every aspect about him or at least on most of it.

It is ludicrous to see that they have not realized that their hatred and lies have also assisted the rise of Modi as a central figure in Indian Polity. Polls suggest that in the history of Independent India Modi is the most popular leader, no leader including Nehru and Indira Gandhi gained such a distinction, but then we were told by the left that Nehru and Indira are popular leaders of India.

One should only read the left wing publications of India like Economic and Political weekly and Frontline Magazine to understand the narrative of Left. Not even a single initiative or the scheme of Modi is considered noteworthy, there is no balance. All references to Modi and his government are filled with derogatory jibes and cheap pot shots.

Befitting a true liberal here are my suggestions to my friends of left:

Dear Left,

In the context of India, you have made two irreconcilable mistakes, which are:

  1. Agreeing to be become a poodle of Congress.
  2. Brown lies (Indian color) as a foundation to build your argument (or simply spread the hatred for Modi) against Modi.

Because of the above two compromises you have thrown objectivity and intellectual honesty out of the windows. If you are really serious about presenting a view critical of Modi, start with a truth premise and presenting facts as is and present opinions which are not twisted. Indians by and large are honest people; they will understand your conviction to truth and if convinced they will put Modi in a spot, you just stop lying, things will happen. And do your activism without being a poodle of either the Congress or any external agency or funder. And please remember people of India don’t want their country to be broken in to pieces, so be mindful about that too. They are ready to hear your argument. If you ever want to stop Modi, you can do so only by talking the truth, not the half-truths but the “Whole Truth”.  In other words, the left can defeat the Right by only doing what is Right.

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