Communists and their twisted tongues

I will do well in not repeating the racket of Left-wing mafia that thrives by the freedom provided by our democratic institutions & polity and how they use liberties of constitution to subvert the liberty of Non-Believers in their ideology of death cult. The case in point is based on a Frontline cover story on the recent Jallikattu Protest in Chennai. Frontline is a good magazine for its quality of language and articulation. But, if one is going to taking its content and its articulation as the ultimate truth then that reader is on his way to become a Naxalite. In fact, on certain matters, there will hardly be any difference of its cover stories and Naxalite Propaganda leaflets. Frontline is unofficial representative of Communist party of China and Maoists. I think the background is sufficient now as move to analyze the cover story on Jallikattu issue titled “Marina Moment “in Frontline Issue: 03, Volume:34, Issue Date: 17-02-2017. Here is the web link – Marina Moment

One should know that all Hindus are enemies of Communists (a.k.a leftist, left, left-winger etc.) and anyone who is seen mobilizing Hindus for the good of the Country will become an object on whom their manufactured stories will be directed to create a confusion in society so that the Communists along with their brothers – Islamists (or simply Jihadis) from another mother can fish in the troubled waters. I will present the important sections of this cover story as exhibits and comment on it individually. Before reading my comment, it is important to read the original story in the Frontline for more clarity.

IN an unprecedented show of unity, strength and non-violence, several lakh students and youths of Chennai gathered on the Marina beach and elsewhere across the State for a week to reclaim for the people of Tamil Nadu Jallikattu (bull-taming), a sport that was part of the Tamil tradition for centuries but had been banned by the Supreme Court a few years ago.

We know that world over Communists are destroyers of cultures in the name of Revolution. Cultural Revolution is a case in point. So, culture has no sanctity in the scheme of things. Hence in the above statement they are achieving two things by using the words – “for centuries” and “banned by Supreme court two years ago”. The first impression they are trying to create is that this practice is only few centuries old and it is banned by the supreme court, so that the anger is turned toward the Judiciary. And putting the bull-taming in parenthesis is to suggest that it is a barbaric act. So, in a single stroke it is suggested that it is a barbaric sport, those who are demanding are barbarians. At the same time, they don’t want the anger of youth to be wasted, hence they are making use of it by channelizing the anger and directing towards institutions like state and Judiciary. At this moment, it is important realize that Communists are in bed with Tamil separatists, LTTE sympathizers, Jihadis and Christian missionaries. The visible enemy for all these destabilizing forces of India is Nationalism, Nationalists, Hindutva, Hindus, RSS, BJP etc.,

They came together against what they believed was insincere attempts by the Central and State governments to take on legally animal rights activist groups (mainly PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI, a statutory advisory body set up in 1962 by the government of India under Section 4 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (No.59 of 1960)), who have taken up the cudgels on behalf of the bull, and have the more than five-year-old ban overturned. As it turned out, the scope of the protest went beyond Jallikattu and encompassed issues arising out of what the protesters perceived as injustice to Tamils, the failure of governments to address the livelihood and other concerns of people, major political parties’ obsession with capturing power and sharing its spoils, the attempts at cultural homogenization, and multinational companies’ operations that went against the interests of the country. And the protesters refused to be swayed by “outsiders”, including political parties.

Here they are lumping Animal welfare board of India with PETA as they don’t want the anger or discontent to be solely directed against PETA because they (Communists) are cohorts of PETA and of numerous NGO’s that are systematically working to destabilize India. The ultimate weapon Communist uses is his twisted tongue to subvert truth and thrust a false narrative down the throat of reader which is based on half-truths if not outright lies. It is claimed that the protest went beyond Jallikattu and it was also about injustice to Tamils, cultural Homogenization and Multinational companies etc., If you are surprised why even after two paragraphs in to the story they have not talked about Dalit Rights and Rights of Muslim Minorities etc., just hold on they are next. Now going back to using the necessity of Cultural Homogenization, it is to confuse the unassuming reader. The protestor who genuinely wanted Jallikattu back and knew that he did not go there to protest cultural homogenization and multinational companies asking himself, did I go there for this or that? The goal for the Communist is to confuse people. And again, they are lumping outsiders with Political Parties. The outsiders in this case is hired Jihadi thugs and other separatist supporters who burnt police station/s and diverted the original protest towards the end as they have come to know that the issue is resolved now because the ordinance is passed.

However, the extraordinarily peaceful, in fact carnival-like, protest ended on a violent note when the police swooped down on the protesters in the early hours of January 23 on the grounds that a few “anti-social elements” had infiltrated their ranks with a sinister agenda. While the burden of proving this claim lies with the law and order establishment, the fact remains that in the week-long mass protest that kept out politicians and celebrities alike, the new generation protest on the Marina, largely with the participation of the middle and lower classes, struck a chord in the people of Chennai who thronged the beach expressing their solidarity with the protesters in novel ways. “It is much more significant than the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement of 2011 in the United States, a manifestation of a long wait with frustration against social and economic inequality worldwide,” said Ramu Manivannan, Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Madras.

Now the attack is on another institution – Police. It is suggested here that police had no other job as they were affected by boredom and wanted to beat somebody to enjoy the weekend! It is true that Jihadis and Left-wing separatists joined protests to turn this in to a violent one from the inside, hence the burning down of police station/s and related violence acts. It is natural for the police to act and ask people to leave as the object of protest is met, as law is now been passed for the conduct of Jallikattu. And they are quoting Ramu Manivannan a teacher of Political Science from University of Madras – a bastion of Tamil Separatists, who was either suspended or his promotion was held back because of some of his activities in Madras University, he was instigating the students to go on protest on certain issues against University. Besides all that, his stupidity is manifested as he compares occupy wall street with marina as the earlier one was organized by Communists of US to subvert the US state.

The protesters did not budge and demanded a “permanent solution”, that is, a law that could not be challenged legally.

People were fooled by the same group through different media outlets that ordinance is a temporary and it is not a law and all that. Reasonably read urban elite too fell for this nonsense. Law is a law, there is nothing called as permanent temporary.

The Assembly unanimously passed the “Jallikattu Bill” (The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Bill, 2017), which it believes has cleared the legal hurdles to conducting the sport

It says that only assembly believed that passing the bill has cleared the legal hurdles. The question is on everything under the sun Communists have an opinion but why cannot they say whether they believed it clears legal hurdles or not? It is just to keep the reader confused. The fact is that it has cleared legal hurdles.

A section of the youth on the Marina, fearing a legal challenge to the Bill from PETA and the AWBI, continued with the protest despite the Chief Minister’s assurance that jallikattu would henceforth be held without a break.

Key word – “a section of youth” that is referred to above is the miniscule minority of protestors who are the hired goons of Jihadis and Separatists wanted to continue protest on some pretext or the other. Otherwise who else would have fed them such a nonsense to them? Challenging something in a court is a fundamental right of everyone, be it peta or anybody else. How will the Chief Minister’s assurance will be binding on Supreme Court on an imaginary challenge by peta in apex court? This is how left wing activism turns the reasonably educated in to brain dead.

the police attempted to evict them forcibly. That was the trigger for the violence that followed. A section of the protesters entered the sea and continued the protest. The police went after some protesters and their supporters who were rushing towards the beach on hearing about the crackdown. Violence spilled onto the nearby streets and lanes. The whole area wore the look of a battleground.

The violence was preplanned by anti-Social elements already, just they were waiting for the police to lift their baton. It is important to note that in the cover story no where they have used the pictures of goons burning the police station and ransacking the streets because the aim is to direct the reader’s anger towards police.

There were allegations that police personnel themselves set fire to vehicles and huts.

Here they are balancing the blame and suggesting that police themselves did all the ransacking but are blaming it on others.

In Chennai, the police’s fury turned against fishermen and Dalits living in colonies near the Marina. Their crime: they helped students who took refugee in their huts after the police started attacking them (story on page 17). A fact-finding team led by the human rights activist A. Marx visited Nadukuppam, one of the colonies, and recorded the police excesses. It said the fishermen, Dalits and poor labourers were subjected to inhuman brutality. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) have suo motu taken up the issue. Political parties and other organisations have demanded a judicial inquiry into what they described as police excesses.

Finally, they have arrived on Dalits. So, late in the story but never too late. And the Human rights activist must be a Marx, if not Mao Zedong. Someone being Dalit or not being a Dalit is of no consequence in this case, anyone who is harboring anti-social crooks shall be dealt with, if there are excesses it shall be dealt with legally by the state. It is still not clear as to on whose or what authority the fact-finding team headed by Marx has done the investigation and found that the motivation of police to turn their anger towards Dalits is because they were Dalits? This is a typical Communist propaganda, the kind which can be seen in Communist Party of China’s leaflets.

The youths and students courageously defied the odds to achieve their objective in a peaceful way. But the state and its police had a different opinion. They did not want it to happen that way,” said the Tamil scholar and former University of Madras Professor Arasu. Scholars and activists like him criticised the state for its brutal suppression of the spontaneous agitation.

Now I don’t have any idea as to what the Tamil scholar is doing here. The reason is on every opinion they will bring in sundry scholars, experts, human rights activists to legitimize a lie they are spreading. Is there a rationale of using that tamil scholar’s quote here? What is the area of expertise of that tamil scholar? Now, the functionally illiterate urban educated would think that, just because he is a tamil scholar what he says must be right. So, whatever a tamil scholar says about tamil nadu must be right? Even if the subject is about engineering in tamil nadu.

Said Ramu Manivannan: “The abject failure of the political class is the main issue that led to this mass agitation that sprang up from nowhere. Again, the sport jallikattu, though mired in social issues of caste and patriarchy [as Dalit activists and feminists have rightly pointed out], had emerged as the focal point for the agitators to rally around.” The negligence of the state on various fronts, institutionalisation of corruption, degradation of waterbodies, exploitation of the meek, and the helplessness of civil society were the main reasons for the uprising.

Suddenly they have come out of their cloak. After running out of the content, they have returned to their favorite subjects – Caste, Cow, Curry, Dalit rights, Human rights, Muslims, Minority rights, Tribal rights, women rights, feminism etc., Every argument centers around themes like these. No body went to Marina to protest against caste, patriarchy, corruption, waterbodies, civil society etc., Manivannan is just peddling a bunch of lies. Because he is from a political science department, the reader is expected to take his opinions at the face value.

Many leaders of the present-day DMK were the products of the agitation, which was one of the main reasons for its rise as a political force that captured power. Arasu said that the political narrative of the North exploiting the South, which was in play during the days of Dravidian leaders E.V. Ramasamy Periyar and C.N. Annadurai, was very much in operation in Tamil Nadu even today. “The feeling of neglect Tamil Nadu experienced then continues to surface time and again. The present struggle is an example of that, though an elitist group opposes it,” he said

From here they have gone to Anti-Hindi agitation and separatism. That north exploiting the south nonsense, such stupidity in thinking is the result of Aryan – Dravidian thesis, which is a white lie, simply because it was perpetuated by whites. The above exhibit has got nothing what so ever to do with the issue at hand. It is just a totally unrelated rant.

A series of developments in the past few years—the Centre’s unhelpful attitude in Tamil Nadu’s dispute over the sharing of Cauvery waters, the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) projects which have the potential to destroy agricultural land in parts of the State, and so on—strengthened this feeling of discontent

Again, it has got nothing with Jallikattu or the protest with marina. Again a bunch of lies peddled as if they are words uttered by Karl Marx.

It was clear that the youths, a considerable number of them IT professionals, were not only tech-savvy but also sensitive to the political and social developments around them. The slogans, speeches, banners and handmade posters at the venue gave expression to resentments of different types caused by government policies and actions and the political parties’ failures to address real issues that affected people’s everyday lives. These issues—drought, farmer suicides, the Cauvery dispute, demonetisation, prohibition of liquor, sand mining, corruption, freebies, and so on—all converged on the theme of jallikattu, which was seen as a symbol of Tamil pride that was sought to be obliterated by attempts at cultural homogenisation.

It is totally driven by IT employees, the irony is that those stupid law college students could not tell or educate others that law is a law, and there is nothing called as temporary law and permanent law. And fallen back to their ridiculous propaganda… The protest was not about cultural homogenization or demonetization, as much as the Left wingers would have wanted it. It is not just that. The reason of using Demonetization and homogenization and all that was ultimately build the ground to abuse Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi who has been the object of the Leftwing and Jihadi hatred.

No discerning political observer would have missed one significant underpinning of this entire struggle—channelling Tamil sentiment against the forces of Hindutva. “It is this overwhelming feeling of neglect by the present BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] government at the Centre that haunts the people of Tamil Nadu

There was no underpinning whatsoever about whatever that is said above, it is on the last day the separatist goons who are inclined towards Communism and other anti-social elements propelled by their hatred towards Hindutva or simply Hindus have tried to pin it on BJP.,

And the rest of the cover story is full of nonsense peddled as scholarship or as an expert opinion and suggests that Jallikattu is just two hundred years old and implies that it is stupid if not barbarous to have such a thing in practice.

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