Hindutva versus Secularism

Recently concluded assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh produced results to which the Congress party and left liberal intelligentsia is struggling to come to terms with. TV journalists of one channel after other have been repeating the question whether BJP as a party will be abandoning Hindutva and focus on Development it has promised to Uttar Pradesh voter? Because Hindutva is communal and development is liberal, progressive and non-communal. Associating Hindutva with Communalism with the intention to ultimately denigrate it is an act of intellectual dishonesty practiced by left wing academia and other public intellectuals. Those who legitimize such a narrative, do it either because of their ideological inclination towards Communism/Socialism or because of their visceral hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata party.

The truth is that Hindutva is all embracing, development is just one facet of Hindutva. If we are looking for an all-round development we should not stop with mere development but development with Hindutva, and UP voters have given a resounding mandate to it. They are ready to be governed by Hindutva because they are convinced that development is possible only through Hindutva which Bharatiya Janata Party and Mr. Narendra Modi represents.

Hindutva is not a word but a history. Hinduism is only a derivative, a fraction a part of Hindutva and it is identical with what is vaguely indicated by the term Hinduism. It embraces all the departments of thought and activity of the whole being and it should not be attributed to less satisfactorily and essentially sectarian term Hinduism. Hindutva defies all attempts at analysis and it is different from Hinduism so says Savarkar in his book Hindutva.

Only point opponents of Hindutva bring to the table is necessity to cater to the demands of Muslims as a religious group, thereby forcing them to live in silos and encouraging centrifugal tendencies with in the community. Whereas Hindutva refuses to recognize them as Muslims but humans who would also have their necessities of life met through the all-encompassing development which Hindutva offers rather than holding progress of the country to ransom through radical elements of population.

It is not only morally repugnant to demand that someone be given ticket because he is a Muslim but also Anti-National. Why I say that? Anything that divides the country is Anti-National and anything that unites is Nationalistic, this is in line with fundamental duties of Constitution of India. There should be no Muslims in Bharatiya Janata Party’s fold if their hatred for Muslims is absolute which is what the opponents of Hindutva want Indians to believe.

The sectarian mindset of Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samajwadi Party(BSP), and other champions of Secularism is in full display. In disguise, opponents are seeking communal representation which is not only unconstitutional but Anti-National.

The intention of champions of secularism is to mobilize Muslims politically. This is to force them to break away from mainstream and maintain them as a vote block. Such a step raises ethical questions which secular champions should answer. The last time when such a mobilization of Muslims happened, India had to be partitioned in to two countries – India and Pakistan. All of India’s current strategic mess is a direct result of partition which happened because of political mobilization of Muslims under the nose of Congress party.

There is no empirical evidence to suggest that under BJP’s rule security and development of Muslims is threatened. It is a cynical ploy of Secularists to confuse Muslims. What can be more appalling is that how these Secularists are taking Muslims for granted? The BSP Chief has gone to the extent of finding fault with Electronic Voting Machines because in her understanding it is absurd to think that Muslims will vote for BJP. If not anything else such a characterization is a grave insult to Muslims. The implication of what Mayawati says is that Muslims are not intelligent enough to independently use their mental faculties given to them by Allah.

Muslims should not allow themselves to be labelled by secularists as to what their identity is. They have been doing this for quite long. It is ok for them to vote for a party other than BJP thinking that they can do better development than BJP. But they should not be rallied based on a point because BJP represents majority of Hindus hence, they should only be represented by Secularists. This is a dangerous argument to make in a democracy.

The overarching influence of Hindutva in governance will ensure development of all Indians irrespective of caste, creed and religion. And it is precisely because of this, majority of Muslims too endorsed Hindutva in a spirit of Nationalism, as they have realized that only Hindutva can lift them out of poverty if they cooperate.

Hindutva is progressive. It is the essence of Mahatma Gandhi’s call for Hind swaraj and Ram Rajya. It is driven by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay’s lofty ideal of Integral Humanism which suggests that development should reach the last man standing in the queue without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, caste and creed. And Secularism as propounded by the opponents of Hindutva is sectarian, divisive, Communal and Anti-National which is rejected by the voters of Uttar Pradesh.

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2 Responses to Hindutva versus Secularism

  1. Bhaarat Matha Ki Jai,
    Jayatu Jayatu Hindutwa,
    Vande Maataram
    Namo Namo Modiji

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  2. Art 370 (Meant to be a temporary measure) and the interpolated word “secularism” have to be exhumed from the Bhaaratiya Samvidhaan.It’s not as if many many amendments have not been made .High Time for a complete GENERAL CHECKUP , Overhaul & Oiling.The Machine has become rusty and cranky & Self Destructive.It is scrap material .
    As Rajivji reminds us all , Hindutva is an OPEN ARCHITECTURE.Therefore, Vulnerable to all kinds of outside and inside attacks of misinformed, Deliberate abuses and Cancerous diseases.Hindutva however, Has it’s OWN INBUILT NATUROPATHIC,AYURVEDIC HEALING MECHANISM .
    If Mayawati and Mamta were really working for the betterment of dalits and muslims, would they not Realize that Modiji himself is an OBC? Would he go against his OWN FIBRE ???
    Their agendas are NOT what they Proclaim they are.
    Would a tea vendor and a servant maid’s son be the PM of Bhaarat today,if the Brahmins , Kshatriyas , and Vaishyas were oppressive towards muslims, kristus, and dalits ??? Lies, lies and more lies, HAVE TO BE EXPUNGED FROM ALL RECORDS OF BHAARAT’S NARRATIVE.

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