In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

Last year a noted left-wing historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha in an interview lamenting a lack of good scholars in comparison to left said right wing (referring to Hindutva Ideologues) has no intellectual class and they are literally scrapping the barrels. I have seen Jaggi’s response which is appropriate though it is defensive. Even a well-read person like R. Jaganathan could not come up with anything more than Malhotra, Jain and Sanyal. That is the limitation of Hindutva Intellectual class for you.

The response of Sangh to such question/s always has been that “we don’t have any in-house intellectuals as such, but there are enough scholars who care for the country and produce scholarship” Let me tell you that this is not enough. If you ask those scholars that are being referred to by the elders in Sangh about whether they are ready to write in the name of Hindutva, they will tell you in private (or in public too) how allergic they are to that very word – Hindutva. Such a group can be used only as a second or third line of defense, but our first line of defense should be Hindutva’s in-house intellectuals, just like we have in left.

We need a host of Right wing scholars, from all specialties in Humanities and Social Sciences who would quote and use icons & giants of Hindutva like Pandit. Deendayal Upadhyaya and Guruji. Golwalkar in their scholarship as a reference point, just like we have left wing scholars who would quote Karl Marx for anything and everything. It is only because of this unapologetic stance Communism has managed to survive in academic campuses, and students who are graduating from this ecosystem who go on to become IAS & IPS officers are indifferent to the cause of India.

A decade ago I have worked with an MNC where aspiring employees who want to become team leaders would be put to a year long leadership program. A thorough training by external trainers and consultants would be given. There is a scientific process to select employees for that program (it was called STEP – Striving to Excellence Program). Though I don’t know the exact figures about budget that is allocated for this program, I can make an assumption that it will be a significant amount, because in a week the session will be for two full days and this goes on for more than a year. Imagine the loss of productivity and other wastages. But the company still did it, the results were amazing, it not only retained employees but reduced the cost of external hiring. Reason for me to quote the above example is to highlight the necessity of funding in developing a robust right wing intellectual class. Because in the above case, the aspirant did not have to forego his salary, his job, as his Makan and Kapada was not threatened, at the same time his intrinsic rewards are taken care off, his value addition was monumental.

If Sangh ever wants to build a formidable army of intellectual class it must systematically select the aspirants and fund, mentor, nurture then provide a placement assistance for them in their field (or sub-field) of expertise, so that it becomes a win-win for the actors involved.

Let me practically lay out what I mean from the above. Select bright people from the age group of 25 to 40 (I am being selfish here because I am already 34, otherwise I would have said 30) with an undying commitment to the cause (Hindutva) and send in batches to Ivy leagues and Russell group institutions for PhD degrees. Before that, strategically place some teachers, who have inclination to our ideology in all those global institutions so that these students can be sent to them for PhD studentships. It is nobody’s case to suggest that only if you go to those foreign institutions you would become a scholar. There is more than one reason as to why I say that. One, they will be funded by the host institutions. Second, when they are done with their work their acceptability in public platforms for purpose of expressing their opinion will increase and a good possibility that they will get a job as teachers and opinion makers globally. Even if someone can’t secure the funding from the host institution, Sangh through its other affiliates including any of the state governments (or central government) should secure the funding.

If Sangh thinks that having few think tanks in India which are acting like recreation clubs of retired government officials, academics and members of BJP would in the future stand up to the left-wing narrative, then it is a gross mistake. Or if it is going to try and take shelter under the scholarship of independent scholars like Malhotra and others who are not overtly Hindutva, it is going to be a tragedy in my opinion. We need to have our own Kosambis and Max Webers. And we need hundreds of them.

If you don’t do the above, 100 years from now we will still be debating whether the Aryan Invasion theory was true or not, though we know that it is not true.

If Sangh thinks that well earning White collared employees will pose a challenge to the left-wing scholarship then again it is mistaken, at the best they would be able to share posts in Facebook and twitter. They will never be Wendy Donigers, Shelden Pollocks, Max Mullers, Max Webers or Irfan Habibs of Hindutva.

One elder of Sangh in a recent discussion mentioned the example of Pollin’s Book shop that produces works in support of Church and how well it is funded and maintained. It is only because of such well-oiled funding machinery their narrative is succeeding, it is not enough if we just win elections.

In majority of Universities in India Humanities and Social Sciences content that is taught to students is Anti-Indian in its intent and students are asked to dissertate on the same theme which passes the academic scrutiny as liberal-intellectual output. I have finished my M. Phil from the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies from Madras University which is a JNU of South, where in every seminar and presentation, Hindus & Hindutva are overtly bashed, Nationalists would be called with all kinds of names in the garb of democracy and academic freedom. I have had my class mate writing in his dissertation “Saffron Terrorism” and was indirectly saying that how RSS has been encouraging violence etc., My rage crossed all limits, I was about to get in to a duel with him. But didn’t do it. Once the dissertation defending session was over, I told him that he should behave like an Mphil scholar not a propagandist of Jamaat-e-Islami.

May be handful of people like Professor. Rakesh Sinha could have made it from the frying pan called Left-wing ecosystem successfully, not everyone can make it.

Generations of Hindutva admirers have lost in this game their precious time and earning potential and have moved on to other fields though they are still good Swayamsevaks.

I am a Swayamsevak. At least since 2008 I have been going (albeit irregularly) to RSS shakas. If there is anything I love the most in the whole world it is the cause of RSS. And I believe that at least I should spend another 10 years in rigorously studying Hindutva to get a good intellectual depth on all things about it. If at all there is going to be a Hindutva intellectual class that is going to pose a formidable challenge to the Intellectual thuggery of left, I want to be part of it very much.

My request to the elders is to think about that funding and placement.


Sathyanarayanan. D


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1 Response to In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

  1. I agree with you. Everything can be upgraded and uplifted with funding. And hindutva can also be further elevated by funding. But RSS doesnt work on funding. It works on passion to do good to the society. Self less service from individuals is the Man Making mission they have. So it is wrong to expect RSS to do that job. They are not building Patanjali like business houses. Their stated mission is to build strong individuals. Sangh kunch nahi kartha. Swayamsevak sab kuch kartha is their stated tag line.
    But what stops from various Nationalist business houses to build institutes, to build media houses, recruit young guns, fund them to do PHD in Ivy league, research, publish papers and articles.
    Why Godrej, Tatas, Birlas dont have any Media business houses?

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