You cannot be a White colored worker if you are not a stupid & dumb

Why I normally say that IT employees(not all of them, but majority of them) are stupid and dumb on matters beyond coding or Server Administration or some specialized knowledge about specific IT products. They think that just because they earn 10 or 20 lakhs per annum as their salary and can speak in in English in conf. calls, they are on top of the world. When I call them dumb & stupid at times I say they are full blown assholes, some of my friends take objections and behave as if they are representatives of IT employees of India. Among many encounters, here is one recent example I can give to say why I say and what I say about IT Employees.

One guy registered a domain called ****.000. That name is used by a leading global bank. For eg:- lets say Colgate bank which is already in business for decades, though they did not register that domain under So, our intelligent IT employee has registered that domain ****.ooo on his name and wanted to get a ransom payment to give up that domain for the company. Company has filed a case under the rules of UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) in WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization.

In some of his negotiations the intelligent IT employee has asked for 100K dollars to give up this domain, and such a demand for ransom is called as Cyber Squatting in legal terms. I told him that it is a stupid move to say that, as that will become a sole ground to snatch the domain from him, still he didn’t listen. In the mean time WIPO appointed a Judge from Texas to arbitrate the dispute, it is a clear cut case in favor of that company.

Now the only option we have had was to show that there is a legitimate business interest in his favor and that is why he has registered that domain, and as a final resort even if he looses the dispute with in 30 days if a case is filed in local civil court in India, the domain will not be snatched from him – all these are based on UDRP rules. Finally I have come to know that he was looking for someone who can do all this for free. End of the Story.

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