Profanity is inevitable in Political Dissent

In Snyder v. Phelps, 562 U.S. 443 (2011), the Supreme Court of US ruled that WestBoro Church had a right to abuse a family of a U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Matthew A. Snyder who died in action in Iraq because his parents happen to be Gay. The Question was whether someone had a right to intentionally inflict somebody an emotional distress under the rights given by First Amendment. The protesters had issues with the increasing tolerance towards homosexuality in the US. They raised slogans like “you are going to hell”, “God Hates you”, “Fag Troops” etc.,

To me this is an extreme form of application of Profanity in expressing political dissent against a norm which one thinks that in his opinion is wrong or inappropriate. For a similar case in India one would be convicted for inciting violence under Indian laws. Since the liberals have this uncanny habit of falling back to US to justify their shenanigans against their political opponents, I have just quoted the example of Westboro Church.

In the recently concluded US Presidential Elections Republican Candidate and the Current President Trump was called with all kinds of names by the liberal brigade. Robert de Niro described Trump as “he is a punk”, “he is a dog”, “he is a pig”, “he is a con”, “he is a bullshit artist”, “a moth”, “he is an idiot” “I want to punch him in the face” and the list goes on. I am not even going to the question of whether it is right or wrong, but I am only saying that Profanity is inevitable in expressing dissent.

When you have an extreme dislike or hatred towards an idea, person or a political party it is natural for you to resort to profanity to express your dissent. And especially if it is used against someone who is a habitual user of the very profanity against his/her opponents he/she shall have no right to question or complain about its usage on him/her.

Rajdeep Sardesai – a TV Anchor called went to cover PM. Narendra Modi’s visit to US in 2014-2015, had punched a Modi’s supporter in the face and called him an Asshole. Even an erudite person like Mr. Sardesai thought that it is appropriate to use profanity to express his dissent.

Profanity has different contexts. Corruption is a form of profanity. Peddling lies in the name of scholarship and journalism is profanity. Pimping and prostitution in the name of Journalism too is profanity. One should listen to Radia Tapes, the enlightened conversation between two prostitutes if you are looking for a definition of Prostitution.

Freedom of Expression is a two-way street; it is not the property of pampered brats in English media. Dignity and decency is only for dignified and decent. For decades, the compromised & sold out journalists through their mega phones peddled lies as truth and the news consumer had taken them at its face value.

It is only since recently these consumers are asking some questions because they think that they too have a mega phone (Social Media) and they can question about what is being fed to them as news. Now, the prostitutes & pimps are labeling those asking questions as Trolls is a cruel joke. It is time for them to swallow their own shit.

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1 Response to Profanity is inevitable in Political Dissent

  1. My comment may seem out of context. But, “God hates you” is so illogical . Neither do those who believe in God ,nor, the atheists and seculars/pseudos included,have any personal SMS with God. So, how can they claim to know that God has emotional feelings and HE inflicts his Personal animosity on HIS CREATION AT WILL, helter skelter?This insane agenda is blindly followed from the West by Tathakathit Nouveau educated, yet, ignorant media, leftists and all their ilk.
    I agree , In India, it is only when a Hindu retaliates against an atrocity committed against him/her/community ,by all other so called minorities(who can never be touched,special ,privileged sacrosanct,pieces of (In)humanity), it becomes a larger than life BIG ISSUE . Original crimes against Hindus are never acknowledged, admitted, taken cognizance of .Simply brushed under the rug as if They are not even human beings.Even a dog has a better status . ( Nothing against dogs. I love them.) How can one din into their heads that All Bhaaratiyas ARE ONE RACE , NO CASTE .Both are INVADERS’ IDEOLOGIES DUMPED ON OUR HEADS willy nilly and ALL VARNAS ARE THE VICTIMS. DO DIFFERENT CLASSES AND STRATAS OF SOCIETY NOT EXIST IN THE WEST ?? IS every tom , dick and harry RICHEST OF THE RICH FOR ALL TIMES AS their rahuls and sinias (sonias) and mallyas and dutt ,sardesais are ??
    I was shielded from profanities , never wanted to hear them, far from using them . Yet, time seems to be ripe to change my perspective , that the Hindus HAVE TO START USING THEM TO GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN poison – laced PUDDING .
    What does troll mean anyway ? Sarcasm ?

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