Persecution by Casteist Brahmins is real. They bring disrepute to Hindu Society

Few weeks ago, I have been to a Police Station on a personal matter. Two constables were talking among themselves, one in his early 20’s tells his mate that how he is really good at bowling (cricket) and all. But whenever he went for selection he was rejected just because he is either not a Brahmin or because he is from a Scheduled Caste Community. I asked him as to why would he say like that? Then he laid out things in detail. Says that he would perform reasonably well in bowling tests, on some pretext or the other he will be rejected. In the last one he says that he was told that he has some problem with his elbow and he should get it checked with doctor.

I interrupted him there and asked where is the evidence or simply proof of your claim that you were rejected because you are not Brahmin? I am assuming that he has been going in for selection in Tamil Nadu cricket association or at a district level selections. He says, “most of the selectors are Brahmins” and the Brahmin guys would be selected even if their performance is sub-standard. I was only convinced partially with respect to his claim.

On my way to home I have been thinking about it. I know that Casteist Brahmanical chest thumping has caused a severe damage to the unity of Hindu society, but this specific topic I am not convinced. So, two days later I was talking about this to one of my friend, he asked” don’t you know?”, I said “what?”. Then he was quoting a Tamil movie dialogue that goes like this” so far in the recent times from Tamil Nadu 18 members have played/playing in Indian Cricket Team and 16 of them are Brahmins. Later I have verified few things and realized that the young Police Constable’s assertion seems to be true in a way.

It is true that Casteist Brahmins behave as if they have more balls than ordinary human beings but this selection bias is extreme in my opinion. Someone should do something about it. It is because of such thugs we are held back from realizing our potential as a country.

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  1. Santanu Dey says:

    Not sure how true it is as a general practice; there might have been a few black-sheeps in every community or caste group but to blame a whole community or a caste group for this ill-treatment of a few is wrong. Brahmins in the Hindu society were prescribed to be practitioners of knowledge, which they would use to educate others who deserved to be educated in the sense that those who possessed the requisite grey matters in their brain. There might have been some preferential treatment meted out to those belonging to the Brahmin community itself or others as per their social hierarchy even to the extent of legally depriving bright candidates from other groups from acquiring knowledge or depriving them of deserving opportunities because of their being born in so-called lower communities; but how much of it is real and how much is diplomatic propaganda by the Colonial rulers to create fissures in the Indian Hindu society, there are lots of dispute about it. As an educated/enlightened person, I am totally convinced that judging a person based on the caste he/she belongs to is utterly silly and anybody indulging in such accursed practice should be treated as a pariah.

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