Pakistan has to prove that Hindu Nationalist regime in India is impotent

It is normally said that International Politics has got nothing to do with Domestic Politics, which is incorrect. If Presidential nominees of both political parties in US don’t abuse Russia in US Presidential Elections, there is a little chance of improvement in approval ratings of a said nominee. In Pakistan, all aspirants of Political Power should abuse India to get a shot at Power. The Communist regime in China routinely abuses Japan to mobilize people.

Imagine a case of a client state and pliant regime that rules a country which is favored by an external force and at times they fund the survival of the regime in question and at an opportune time invade with an attempt to permanently occupy it. Let me give you a historical example. Before Taliban takeover of Afghanistan there were two factions in Afghanistan that were in contest for power, one was a stooge of Russia and the other was a Jihadist regime. The goal of both these regimes were ultimately to usurp power, one way or the other.

Simply because a regime in Afghanistan is a stooge of Russia, there is no necessity that Russia would leave the whole affairs of Afghanistan to the will of that pliant regime. When we talk about pliancy, we should understand that there can be innumerable reasons for one to become a stooge of the other. In the case of Pro-Communist regime in Afghanistan it was Primarily ideological allegiance to Russia. So, Russia would prop up the regime, because its long-term objectives are totally dependent on that puppet regime’s survival. It hardly matters whether the regime is pliant or it has overlapping interests with an external entity, as long as they are to the detriment of target country’s interests, the results produced would be same.

Now, imagine a similar case with India. Congress Party was pliant to Communist regime of China since the beginning of Independence or even before that. Congress regime crawled in front of Communist regime just like it crawled in front of Jihadis in the pre and post-independent India, because it had overlapping interests with that external entity.

It is a dangerous situation when there are some overlapping objectives of an external tormentor and a political entity of a target state. In this case I say that BJP is hated by Congress Party of India and Jihadist regime of Pakistan for the same reason which is Hindu assertion. In that sense BJP’s objectives are not overlapping with an external body which are detrimental to the interest of Indians. This in a way answers as to why Jihadis would continue to kill our soldiers while they are sleeping. The foundation of Pakistan is hatred for Hindus. Political mobilization of Hindus is disliked by all Hindu haters across the board like Communists, Islamist Jihadis, Casteist and other Breaking India forces.

BJP Party Symbol

One should remember that Mani Shankar Aiyar (a hardened Communist) went to Pakistan and sought their help to unseat BJP from power in India. He hardly raised his voice against Pakistan’s ceasefire violations. Pakistan must prove to Hindus that the regime they have elected in India is an impotent one and it cannot save them from oppression by Pakistan and they can punish Indians at will. Hence, It is nothing but natural for Jihadis to behead our soldiers to send a message to Hindus. Supporting the political opponents of Hindu Nationalists may not be the ultimate thing that Pakistan would want to do, but it can be the next best thing to ultimately breaking India in to pieces, because the continuous existence of Hindu Nationalist regime would only make it(Breaking India) further impossible.

In the meantime, Congress Party, which is a favorite of Pakistan shall wear the cloak of being an Indian and question BJP on ceasefire violations just to further the objective of Pakistan though it would claim that it is being a responsible opposition.

With Pakistan having a significant section of Indian Citizens as its supporters, what should we do? There is no other option but to engage in a limited war with Pakistan.

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