Friendly duel on BJP & RSS and their politics etc.,

A friend of mine in Chennai in a discussion with me was chiding Nationalists, by directly referring to BJP & RSS, said that they have always been Anti-Tamils and have always worked to sabotage the interests of the people of Tamil Nadu. The strategy of BJP as such in Tamil Nadu is as bad as pathetic because their leaders are physically unattractive and their skills of articulation were poor.

My friend also complained that how he was recently propped by a local BJP person in the run up to the last state assembly election in TN last year, but he was not even given an ID card which he thought that such an identity shall be helpful to him at a personal level at times. That they are unfit to do politics in Tamil Nadu. That the productivity and development of TN has been used by the Central Government to compensate the under performance and non-productivity of certain Northern States. That BJP has been doing nothing since the last three years, as it has come to power by promising to do big bang reforms. When asked about the performance of BJP on certain questions it in turn raises the question as to why we didn’t ask this question to Congress, has been its answer.

The above are the issues raised by my friend in a stretch to me as he considers me a BJP/RSS and/or Modi’s supporter.

Assumptions made:

  • That BJP & RSS are one and the same.
  • That when it pleases the so called conscientious & constantly agitating chauvinistic groups, BJP should take the role of a State Government and deliver things, even though they are not in power in the state.
  • Politics means electoral politics but nothing else.
  • That if it (BJP) ever wanted to come to power in Tamil Nadu, it must have some attractive leaders with good articulation abilities.
  • That the productivity and development of southern states has been used by the Central Government to compensate the under-performance and non-productivity of certain Northern States.
  • If a question is asked to BJP about a matter, it should in turn never question the original questioner as to why he has never asked this to a previous government?


It is normal to think that BJP and RSS are one and the same, but they are not. RSS is the ideological fountain head and BJP is a student in a school called RSS. It is possible that majority of cadres of BJP are socialized in the RSS set up but they don’t take diktats from RSS on day to day basis, because they don’t have to. In an interview, few years ago, Central minister Nitin Gadkari said that in a discussion of more than an hour at best they(RSS) would ask two things, one is on security of the country and second is on education. RSS is strictly a social organization, if its members have a personal interest to join electoral politics, how can it intervene in some one’s personal decision? Even if someone happens to be its member? To understand the context, we may use an allegory – If a student goes to a school/college and graduates from that institution, it is expected that some of the teachings of that school will be followed by him in his professional (or personal) life. All decisions he would take in his work may be based on his learning from that school, but he would never go back to that school asking for directions or the school itself cannot claim to have control over that student’s routine affairs in life. At best the school can give an advice or an opinion which is non-binding in nature. To construe such a set up as a mechanism of a hierarchical control or a master-slave relationship between BJP and RSS is not only naïve but it borders on ignorance.


Tamil Nadu is a peculiar (or special?) case when compared to all the other states of Union of India, at least that is how a series of self-appointed chauvinist groups think. In the context of Electoral politics, the Hindu Nationalists (BJP) could never make a big imprint in TN because an ordinary voter in TN is fooled by some racist and chauvinist groups who thrive on spreading hatred against Hindus among Hindus as a social group by playing on their social divisions simply because Hindus don’t present themselves as a single Vote block even though they have the potential to do that. This makes Hindus to be considered as vermin for the purposes of electoral politics and the Hindu deserves to be derogated and denigrated. This is done by these hate mongering groups to appease other minorities whose religious idea justifies such a hatred on Non-believers – i.e.., Hindus in this case. This mental conception of Hindu-phobia and hate-Hindu originates from a bogus theory and a white lie called Aryan Invasion theory (one should read and understand what does Aryan Invasion Theory say) propounded by alien oppressors – written by Max Muller and popularized by Bishop Robert Caldwell in TN and it was put to use by the centrifugal forces in Tamil Nadu who most of the time get foreign funding to organize themselves politically to work against the interests of Indian State, but claim that they are doing for the reasons which are constitutionally approved. For eg: – in the case of Kudankulam nuclear plant protest, the chief organizer was caught in tape when he said that he was ready to accept funding by violating Indian laws. Such a hatred against the unity of Nation is systematically directed towards anyone who is asserting himself as a Hindu and/or is a representative of Hindus. It should be understood that majority of the people in Tamil Nadu have voted for a political party to form the government through democratic means (elections) and that party is not BJP. So, if people of Tamil Nadu have any problem that squarely falls within the sphere and purview of State government they should petition the state government and if the demands are not met then protest. The central govt. has nothing to do with it. For a very long time the hate mongering groups who systematically spread Hindu hatred (see this – have been fooling the people of TN. This was evident in the recent times with respect to Jallikattu issue, they were literally duped. One should read the whole history of Jallikattu to understand who should be blamed. PETA got it banned through Courts when DMK-Congress combine was in power, they(DMK-Congress) have done absolutely nothing about it. At least they should have impleaded themselves in the case, but they have done nothing like that but were blaming BJP for it because it will help them politically. In fact, when it happened BJP was not in power either in the centre or in TN. But ignorance abounds.


Electoral Politics is just a subset of politics, i.e.., it is just a part of it. Politics manifests in every human activity – good or bad. Simply because it – electoral politics is associated with the acquisition of power, much attention is paid to it. May be that is why Prime Minister of India – Modi said that we should raise above this representative politics to practice participatory politics. In Representative politics, once the vote is cast by the voter his job ends right there. But in participatory politics he shows active interest in day to day affairs of governance, there by complementing the role of government. It is possible that Hindu Nationalists may appear as fools as far as electoral politics is concerned in TN, but they are real patriots. For them patriotism is above electoral politics and Hindu nationalists have patriotism in abundance. One day or the other they shall be able to convince the people of TN that they have been duped by this Dravidian gibberish. And Hindu Nationalism or Hindutva is the all encompassing ideological set up that discriminates no body in the name of religion, caste, sex, and gender. They treat all residents of India as children of the same mother – Bharat Maata. In the Shakas of RSS across the country, Hindu Nationalists are trained to think what they have done to their mother land, rather than demanding what the country has done for them. Factually speaking this land has done everything to them, they are taught. That is precisely why when outsiders or total strangers with self-aggrandizing mental bent join BJP they feel that the environment in there is totally odd. For Hindu Nationalists, politics is only a means to serve the interests of the Nation not an end.


My limited experience which I have acquired by directly talking to people in BJP and some through secondary evidence tells me that especially when it comes to assigning responsibility to people, how physically appealing one is and how good one is with his articulation abilities are not the primary factors that will be considered but whether they have the character and then skill to perform that role? All other factors are secondary. This is where we should understand the dichotomy of Skill V/S Character. Let’s say we are expected to choose between two people for a PM post, one has a skill and the other has a character, the first criteria should be whether one has a character to be in that job or not? If the answer is yes to that first question, then you go and ask the next question whether he has a skill. So, character has a primacy. Some politicians have skill but no character, so they put all their skills in looting and embezzling public money because they have skills but no character. For some their character is such that they will not cheat and loot. But if someone has character and skill we should select or elect him for that post, that is why I think majority of Indians thought it is wise to choose Modi as their prime minister, because he has skills, more importantly he has character to put his skills to the benefit of all of India. In all this external physical appearance has no place.


India is not a unification of independent states that have agreed to come together to form a Nation as in the case of United States. States in India were only formed for administrative convenience and other matters as allowed in the Indian constitution. The point here is when the independent princely states signed the instrument of accession accepting to accede to Indian state, it was final and absolute. All other rights are said and discussed in the Indian Constitution, i.e.., what is state list, what is union list, what is concurrent list, what happens when there is a conflict in the decisions of Central and State governments etc., Will it be correct to say that people of Tamil Nadu cannot go out of the state of Tamil Nadu to work and earn? Central Government is responsible for the whole of India not just to one state. If some of the earnings out of TN is used for the betterment of the rest of India, it is being done legally by adhering to the constitutional scheme of things. There are provisions in Constitution that says where the state government can tax and where the central government can tax and how the revenues should be appropriated. There is a finance commission that does this job of distributing and assigning revenues. If a care taker has two kids and one is weaker then he should pay more attention to the weaker one and the stronger one (relatively speaking) can live with lesser attention. There is nothing illegal here.


If a question is asked to the BJP by the opinion makers mostly not in good faith, and the issues/questions that are raised are not stand alone or not issues that have emerged only recently but the legacy of impotent governments (congress party) of the past, then it is appropriate for the BJP to ask the questioner in response as to why such a question was never raised when the issue happened originally and why the intention to over blow the case only now? Many issues fit in to such a description, for example, Jallikatu, Kashmir crisis, China crisis etc., But if a question is asked in good faith, it is a reasonable to expect that BJP is duty bound to answer such questions, if they don’t answer then it is a liability on their part. But the anecdotal evidence so far suggests that most of the time the questioner (mostly Main stream media) never raises such questions in good faith.

Note: It is entirely possible that the responses for some of the questions partly might have been mixed up in other parts of responses and some questions might have been answered indirectly without giving much emphasis, it is because the writer thinks that they don’t deserve much attention. It is also possible that while framing the questions some minor aspects have been left out. But the writer’s claim is that all major questions raised are sufficiently answered without employing jargon to make sure that a simple reader is not confused.

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