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Why Miranda of India is no match to the Miranda of USA?

Whenever there is a terrorist attack or incident, or say for that matter a heinous crime committed. As a common citizen we expect the guilty to be hanged instantly. Oh! Come on isn’t that a genuine feeling? Which every morally … Continue reading

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Opposing LTTE is not about being Anti-Tamil

Often I have such a terrible feeling that if you say that you do not approve methods employed by LTTE towards achieving its goal of separate country, you can be sure that almost instantly you will labeled as ‘Anti-Tamil’. Oh! … Continue reading

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Hanging a Terrorist

Justice is delayed but not denied. I am not sure if I can use such a proposition after the state decided to hang the Terrorist – Mohd.Afzal Guru who was a patriot of Pakistan in spirit but Indian citizen legally. … Continue reading

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