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The potency of Falsehood in Indian Polity – WIP

Politics has always meant right from its application in primitive era to modern day democratic environment, acquisition and preservation of power by the leaders of thought and action positively speaking and by a clique negatively speaking. Over the centuries the … Continue reading

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Persecution by Casteist Brahmins is real. They bring disrepute to Hindu Society

Few weeks ago, I have been to a Police Station on a personal matter. Two constables were talking among themselves, one in his early 20’s tells his mate that how he is really good at bowling (cricket) and all. But … Continue reading

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Question on Company Law – Sacking a Director

Background: XYZ Private Limited has two directors in the board. Director A and Director B. One CEO C. It has two members (subscribers of shares), they are CEO C and Director A who hold 97% and 3% of shares respectively. … Continue reading

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Reflections: On “Being Different” by Rajiv Malhotra

Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is a hero for those Hindus who think that they know for sure that the truth is on their side but they don’t know what it is. Being Different of Mr. Malhotra shall surely help Hindus whose … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Anti-Nationals

A leading media personality of India has declared himself as an anti-national in expressing solidarity with the students of JNU who have called for the destruction of India. On the other hand we know that his intention is to prove … Continue reading

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My Reflections on “The Battle for Sanskrit” written by Shri. Rajiv Malhotra

Ever since the superimposition of Westphalia concept of nation state on a formerly colonized state or newly liberated territory (i.e., India) from colonial subjugation, the debate whether this land is a single nation state or a state of many nations … Continue reading

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