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Let’s talk about Communism & Kerala model.

There is a small section in Tamil Nadu which thinks that the Communist regime in Kerala is so great that its administrative skills are unparalleled in the whole world. This is mostly after watching couple of video clips where people … Continue reading

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Reflections and Critique on paper by Dr. T. Balaji – Understanding Social Justice Under Indian Constitution: In the light of Ambedkarism and Marxism. Cochin University Law Review. Volume XL Jan-December 2016. Nos. 1-4.

Every country has a grand narrative when it comes to portray itself before people of other societies or other countries so that it becomes easier for them to have a glimpse about who we are. As a precursor to such … Continue reading

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Pakistan has to prove that Hindu Nationalist regime in India is impotent

It is normally said that International Politics has got nothing to do with Domestic Politics, which is incorrect. If Presidential nominees of both political parties in US don’t abuse Russia in US Presidential Elections, there is a little chance of … Continue reading

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In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

Last year a noted left-wing historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha in an interview lamenting a lack of good scholars in comparison to left said right wing (referring to Hindutva Ideologues) has no intellectual class and they are literally scrapping the barrels. … Continue reading

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Hindutva versus Secularism

Recently concluded assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh produced results to which the Congress party and left liberal intelligentsia is struggling to come to terms with. TV journalists of one channel after other have been repeating the question whether BJP as … Continue reading

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Communists and their twisted tongues

I will do well in not repeating the racket of Left-wing mafia that thrives by the freedom provided by our democratic institutions & polity and how they use liberties of constitution to subvert the liberty of Non-Believers in their ideology … Continue reading

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The Clueless Left knows not what is Right

The premise of any intellectual argument should be truth. No amount of proficiency in articulation of a language (Presumably English) or expertise in relative semantics should trump the cardinal rule that any argument won through a lie as a foundation … Continue reading

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Are Nationalists prepared to provide a response to Leftists on Intellectual Plane?

All the cinema halls in India shall play the National Anthem before the feature film starts and all present in the hall are obliged to stand up to show respect to the National Anthem – said the Apex court as … Continue reading

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The Death of Political Correctness: Modi ought to be a Trump

World over honest people whose personal integrity and public probity was always above board and wanted to get involved in the electoral politics, but could never be successful because of a pervert logic thrusted up on them i.e., to utter … Continue reading

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The perverse argument of Secularists on triple Talaq and their definition of Secularism

In the academic year 2014-15 I did my pre-doctoral course in Dept. of Defence and strategic studies in University of Madras. My Head of the Dept. used to take me to all inter-department seminars and talks. There was once a … Continue reading

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