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Curated Quotes

Quote 1 : Probably thousand years from now if historians were to ascertain the reasons for the genocide of Hindus in Indian Sub-Continent, because at the current phase we would have already become Saudi Arabia by then, the reason would … Continue reading

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Anti-Nationals should not be allowed to Hijack the narrative on Jallikattu

We should move beyond the discussion on the right to conduct Jallikattu. Because it is a common knowledge now, as we see that even the most illiterate lot of India – IT Employees, too have started talking about this and … Continue reading

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Acknowledging the Secularism of Hindu Society

Long before world knew who Jesus and Mohammed were; Hindus of this sub-continent have been practicing secularism in its original form. Secularism is in the DNA of the Hindu society, as it is only the Hindu who has managed to … Continue reading

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Breaking the tyranny of Organized Minority

What makes the prime minister of a country like India to say that minorities (read Muslims) should have a first claim over natural resources? And why the majority does not agitate on such divisive statements of head of the state? … Continue reading

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