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Narendra Modi and The Indian New Deal

The Wuhan Virus in addition to being a Global Public Health Crisis is also a cause for a worldwide severe Economic Shock. Financial Destitution is as worse as a Public Health Crisis caused by this Pandemic. The so-called Western Powers … Continue reading

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Friendly duel on BJP & RSS and their politics etc.,

A friend of mine in Chennai in a discussion with me was chiding Nationalists, by directly referring to BJP & RSS, said that they have always been Anti-Tamils and have always worked to sabotage the interests of the people of … Continue reading

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The Marxist Propaganda on Aadhar

Like I have always said, Communists are more dangerous than Jihadis. Because Jihadis can be identified where they are but the Marxist perverts wear different cloaks like Journalists, Writers, Activists, Politicians, Lawyers etc., The motive is no benefit should be … Continue reading

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Profanity is inevitable in Political Dissent

In Snyder v. Phelps, 562 U.S. 443 (2011), the Supreme Court of US ruled that WestBoro Church had a right to abuse a family of a U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Matthew A. Snyder who died in action in Iraq because … Continue reading

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Hindutva versus Secularism

Recently concluded assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh produced results to which the Congress party and left liberal intelligentsia is struggling to come to terms with. TV journalists of one channel after other have been repeating the question whether BJP as … Continue reading

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Anti-Nationals should not be allowed to Hijack the narrative on Jallikattu

We should move beyond the discussion on the right to conduct Jallikattu. Because it is a common knowledge now, as we see that even the most illiterate lot of India – IT Employees, too have started talking about this and … Continue reading

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The perverse argument of Secularists on triple Talaq and their definition of Secularism

In the academic year 2014-15 I did my pre-doctoral course in Dept. of Defence and strategic studies in University of Madras. My Head of the Dept. used to take me to all inter-department seminars and talks. There was once a … Continue reading

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Breaking India in to pieces

One day I was traveling in a cab in Chennai. Suddenly the cab driver started the conversation. We started discussing things mainly politics, suddenly we straddled in to history. He was trying to explain me about Dravidian history and Lemuria … Continue reading

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In Defence of Amma, no sycophancy but just reason. A discussion with my best friend.

Recently (December 10, 2016) after the death of Jayalalitha, my friend Rakesh thought that people celebrating her was totally unwarranted by citing some issues mentioned in left-wing propaganda website – https://www.savukkuonline.com/9097/ . I say that it is a by-product democracy … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Anti-Nationals

A leading media personality of India has declared himself as an anti-national in expressing solidarity with the students of JNU who have called for the destruction of India. On the other hand we know that his intention is to prove … Continue reading

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