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In Defence of Amma, no sycophancy but just reason. A discussion with my best friend.

Recently (December 10, 2016) after the death of Jayalalitha, my friend Rakesh thought that people celebrating her was totally unwarranted by citing some issues mentioned in left-wing propaganda website – https://www.savukkuonline.com/9097/ . I say that it is a by-product democracy … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Anti-Nationals

A leading media personality of India has declared himself as an anti-national in expressing solidarity with the students of JNU who have called for the destruction of India. On the other hand we know that his intention is to prove … Continue reading

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Communism versus Nationalism

The debate on who is a patriot and who is not has re-surfaced once again. This is against the backdrop of some students in Jawaharlal Nehru University organizing a rally eulogizing Afzal Guru who is a convicted terrorist for attempting … Continue reading

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My Reflections on “The Battle for Sanskrit” written by Shri. Rajiv Malhotra

Ever since the superimposition of Westphalia concept of nation state on a formerly colonized state or newly liberated territory (i.e., India) from colonial subjugation, the debate whether this land is a single nation state or a state of many nations … Continue reading

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The Battle for Sanskrit Or The Battle of Rajiv Malhotra?

This whole argument and subsequent observations are being made after seeing the hostility which the left and their planted sepoys are showing towards Indian-American scholar and Researcher Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. But they are failing, he is not intimidated. Probably some … Continue reading

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There is nothing “Liberal” about Indian-Left

The first thing the so called liberal Indian left has done right after UPA-I has sworn in was to burn over 5 lakh NCERT text books written by Historian and Prof. Makkan Lal. What sin did Prof.Lal commit? Including some … Continue reading

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India-Sri Lanka relations: Charting out an independent foreign policy

As a student of International Affairs there are more than few questions often linger in my mind when it comes to India-Sri Lanka relations. Why should the state level politics of Tamil Nadu be considered as a dominant determinant in … Continue reading

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