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The Forgotten Holocaust

How do we test a religion within the framework of modern standards of Public morality and decency? The word modern is indeed used here after a serious thought. The word modern can only be tested relatively, as there are no … Continue reading

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Curated Quotes

Quote 1 : Probably thousand years from now if historians were to ascertain the reasons for the genocide of Hindus in Indian Sub-Continent, because at the current phase we would have already become Saudi Arabia by then, the reason would … Continue reading

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The Death of Political Correctness: Modi ought to be a Trump

World over honest people whose personal integrity and public probity was always above board and wanted to get involved in the electoral politics, but could never be successful because of a pervert logic thrusted up on them i.e., to utter … Continue reading

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Muslim Haters, Muslim’s Hate and Reality Check

The moment we highlight a reprehensible act committed by Muslims in the name of Muslim religion, you are almost in a danger of being branded as communal especially in a country like India where secularism is abused day in and … Continue reading

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My Encounters with Marxists

Recently I had a conversation with Tarek Fatah, Author of “Chasing the Mirage” a great book which exposes Islamists, who was also briefly joined by his fellow Indian Marxist Irfan Habib – a historian of Romila Thappar’s creed. I know … Continue reading

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