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Reflections and Critique on paper by Dr. T. Balaji – Understanding Social Justice Under Indian Constitution: In the light of Ambedkarism and Marxism. Cochin University Law Review. Volume XL Jan-December 2016. Nos. 1-4.

Every country has a grand narrative when it comes to portray itself before people of other societies or other countries so that it becomes easier for them to have a glimpse about who we are. As a precursor to such … Continue reading

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Friendly duel on BJP & RSS and their politics etc.,

A friend of mine in Chennai in a discussion with me was chiding Nationalists, by directly referring to BJP & RSS, said that they have always been Anti-Tamils and have always worked to sabotage the interests of the people of … Continue reading

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Persecution by Casteist Brahmins is real. They bring disrepute to Hindu Society

Few weeks ago, I have been to a Police Station on a personal matter. Two constables were talking among themselves, one in his early 20’s tells his mate that how he is really good at bowling (cricket) and all. But … Continue reading

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In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

Last year a noted left-wing historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha in an interview lamenting a lack of good scholars in comparison to left said right wing (referring to Hindutva Ideologues) has no intellectual class and they are literally scrapping the barrels. … Continue reading

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Hindutva versus Secularism

Recently concluded assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh produced results to which the Congress party and left liberal intelligentsia is struggling to come to terms with. TV journalists of one channel after other have been repeating the question whether BJP as … Continue reading

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Anti-Nationals should not be allowed to Hijack the narrative on Jallikattu

We should move beyond the discussion on the right to conduct Jallikattu. Because it is a common knowledge now, as we see that even the most illiterate lot of India – IT Employees, too have started talking about this and … Continue reading

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Reflections on “Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace” of Prof. Morgenthau.

There is no course on “Realism” in the discipline of Politics and International relations that does not prescribe Prof. Morgenthau’s Politics Among Nations: The struggle for Power and Peace. In fact, I first came in to contact with the school … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Anti-Nationals

A leading media personality of India has declared himself as an anti-national in expressing solidarity with the students of JNU who have called for the destruction of India. On the other hand we know that his intention is to prove … Continue reading

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Communism versus Nationalism

The debate on who is a patriot and who is not has re-surfaced once again. This is against the backdrop of some students in Jawaharlal Nehru University organizing a rally eulogizing Afzal Guru who is a convicted terrorist for attempting … Continue reading

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Breaking the tyranny of Organized Minority

What makes the prime minister of a country like India to say that minorities (read Muslims) should have a first claim over natural resources? And why the majority does not agitate on such divisive statements of head of the state? … Continue reading

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