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Anatomy of Anti-Nationals

A leading media personality of India has declared himself as an anti-national in expressing solidarity with the students of JNU who have called for the destruction of India. On the other hand we know that his intention is to prove … Continue reading

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Communism versus Nationalism

The debate on who is a patriot and who is not has re-surfaced once again. This is against the backdrop of some students in Jawaharlal Nehru University organizing a rally eulogizing Afzal Guru who is a convicted terrorist for attempting … Continue reading

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Breaking the tyranny of Organized Minority

What makes the prime minister of a country like India to say that minorities (read Muslims) should have a first claim over natural resources? And why the majority does not agitate on such divisive statements of head of the state? … Continue reading

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Money, Social Status & Social Distance leads to class consciousness, vanity and false pride

I have been doing an elementary reading on political sociology and found the concept Social status & Social distance more interesting because I then realized that we encounter it on a daily basis without knowledge.  Social status is the starter … Continue reading

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The Hobbesian thought: It is “Fear” that subjugates men

Recently I have been talking to some of my friends who work in corporate world i.e., white collar workers. Some had a real fear that with the current state of Indian Economy and a dying rupee their jobs are in … Continue reading

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Snowden & Spying : What Kautilya says ?

To a question whether Spying is wrong ? May be right, may be wrong ? It was always there though the latest sophisticated technologies have changed the way it is done. After Edward Snowden’s episode we have a flurry of … Continue reading

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Why Muslims of India should stop behaving like a herded lot?

In the current scenario whoever is talking (Just talking not doing) about interests of Muslims will be declared instantly as a secular mascot. Once such soft words are uttered, political parties expect Muslims to vote en masse to that specific … Continue reading

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