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Friendly duel on BJP & RSS and their politics etc.,

A friend of mine in Chennai in a discussion with me was chiding Nationalists, by directly referring to BJP & RSS, said that they have always been Anti-Tamils and have always worked to sabotage the interests of the people of … Continue reading

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In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

Last year a noted left-wing historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha in an interview lamenting a lack of good scholars in comparison to left said right wing (referring to Hindutva Ideologues) has no intellectual class and they are literally scrapping the barrels. … Continue reading

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Responding to A G Noorani’s distortions

Responding to A G Noorani’s Distortions Just like every time Nooranis of the world don’t disappoint me this time too. Apart from taking the positions alongside with Violent Maoism covertly & benevolent socialism overtly (just to fool people so as … Continue reading

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