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In-House Intellectuals of Hindutva: How to get it done?

Last year a noted left-wing historian Mr. Ramachandra Guha in an interview lamenting a lack of good scholars in comparison to left said right wing (referring to Hindutva Ideologues) has no intellectual class and they are literally scrapping the barrels. … Continue reading

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Hindutva versus Secularism

Recently concluded assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh produced results to which the Congress party and left liberal intelligentsia is struggling to come to terms with. TV journalists of one channel after other have been repeating the question whether BJP as … Continue reading

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The Clueless Left knows not what is Right

The premise of any intellectual argument should be truth. No amount of proficiency in articulation of a language (Presumably English) or expertise in relative semantics should trump the cardinal rule that any argument won through a lie as a foundation … Continue reading

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There is nothing “Liberal” about Indian-Left

The first thing the so called liberal Indian left has done right after UPA-I has sworn in was to burn over 5 lakh NCERT text books written by Historian and Prof. Makkan Lal. What sin did Prof.Lal commit? Including some … Continue reading

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Understanding Prime Minister Modi’s Regional Diplomacy

Diplomacy is an art and the leaders who handle it well are remembered for a longer time to come in the future. It may be challenging to practice, but it is not a rocket science to understand. Statements such as … Continue reading

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India-Sri Lanka relations: Charting out an independent foreign policy

As a student of International Affairs there are more than few questions often linger in my mind when it comes to India-Sri Lanka relations. Why should the state level politics of Tamil Nadu be considered as a dominant determinant in … Continue reading

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Why Terrorism and National Security will never be an election issue in India?

Recently we have seen current Gujarat Chief minister raising some security issues in public speeches as a part of his campaign against the incumbent congress such as issues like border incursions by China and Pakistan then the subsequent killing and … Continue reading

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