Wakefulness v/s Dreaming – Gems of wisdom from Tripura Rahasya.

Wakefulness v/s Dreaming.

Which one you call it as a reality? The state of wakefulness or dreaming? Will it be wakefulness because you (ie., your body) can experience all actions and its consequences through senses? Think again, in the dream too you will have similar experiences. If you say that the continuity of dream is disrupted by wakefulness then the other side of the argument will be wakefulness is also disrupted by sleep leading in to dream. So, which is real? In Dream state mind creates an eco-system because it doesn’t require the assistance of body that makes us feel and experience actions. It is precisely why at times when we wake up we refuse to believe that all that happened was in a dream state not in wakeful state. Imagine if you were never to reach the wakeful state? You will continue to live in that state. Just because of this can we call one state as real and the other as unreal?

This is the essence of conversation between Rishi Gana’s son and the King Mahasena in Tripura Rahasya.

If you think that all those great movies like Matrix and Inception was the result of original thinking of westerners then you are misled.

So far read 14 chapters in Tripura Rahasya, the wisdom is mind boggling.

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